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More Than 15 Healthy Recipes To Eat Right

It’s the time of the year when we plan, resolve, and strategize to up the ante — eat healthy recipes, workout more, and just be better all around. After years of keeping that up for a few weeks only to have it all come crashing down by Super Bowl, we’ve changed our tune.

15 Healthy Recipes
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How To Adopt Healthy Eating Habits

A few years ago, we decided to do “everything in moderation, including moderation.” We know, it’s not as sexy as a 10 day, 10 pound weight loss plan or some juice fast but it’s now years that we’ve been sticking to this healthy-ish approach. And it turns out, we’re not alone. So, here’s how we plan to continue being healthy-ish in the New Year:

  • Eat vegetarian (even vegan or plant-based most of the time
  • Eat fish and meat when we can get our hands on the really high quality, responsibly raised animal proteins
  • Eat 3 meals daily and minimize the snacking
  • But still leave room for our favorites (Mexican food, chocolate, and a few happy hour cocktails.

More Than 15 Healthy Recipes To Kick Off The New Year

You can do a detox cleanse if you really need to press reset. Or, check out these more than 15 healthy recipes to help you get started:

Green Goddess Smoothie Recipe

Green Goddess Smoothie Recipe

vegan, vegetarian, dairy free, gluten free, nut free

Start your day ahead with this smoothie loaded with dark leafy greens. Thanks to the coconut and mango, it has a tropical feel that we love.

Cinnamon Walnut Date Shake Smoothie Recipe

Cinnamon Walnut Date Smoothie Recipe

vegetarian, gluten free

The Date Shake is one of the best iconic California foods but it’s not that good for you. Here we combine a homemade walnut milk with dates and cinnamon for a healthy update. 

Lemon Chia Chews Recipe

Lemon Chia Chews Recipe

vegan, vegetarian

Eating healthy while traveling can be a struggle, which is why we always have a batch of these satisfying energy balls in tow. 

Toasted Oat Coconut and Quinoa Granola Recipe

Toasted Oat Coconut Granola Recipe

gluten free, vegetarian

Yes, this granola still has sugar and fat, but making it yourself means you can adjust those amounts as you see fit. We also like to add in nuts, dried fruit, and chia or flax seeds for even more nutrition.

Tropical Coconut Chia Cacao Acai Bowl Recipe

Tropical Chia Cacao Acai Bowl Recipe

vegan, vegetarian, dairy free, gluten free, nut free

Our take on the classic açai bowl inspired by our trip to Brazil. 

Cilantro Tahini Avocado Toast

Shaved Asparagus Avocado Toast Recipe

vegan, vegetarian, dairy free, nut free

When avocados are season, this is our go-to, healthy twist on avocado toast.

Beet Horseradish Smoked Salmon Breakfast Toast Recipe

Beet Horseradish Smoked Salmon Breakfast Toast Recipe

nut free

The smoked salmon platter gets modernized in this breakfast toast topped with dill, pickled onions, beets, and hot-smoked salmon. 

Roasted Red Pepper Romesco Dip Recipe

Roasted Red Pepper Romesco Dip Recipe

vegan, vegetarian, dairy free, gluten free

IYKYK when it comes to this easy-to-make, healthy dip that makes a very regular appearance at everything from potlucks to holiday dinners. 

Mozzarella, Beet, and Walnut Dukkah Flatbreads Recipe

Mozzarella Shredded Beet Walnut Dukkah Flatbread Recipe


Shredded beets, dark greens, mozzarella, and homemade dukkah top these individual flatbreads that are a go-to lunch around here. 

Tuna Arugula Salad

Tuna, Avocado, White Bean Salad Recipe

gluten free, nut free

This recipe may not seem that extraordinary to you but it is, in fact, the most popular healthy salad on our site for almost 10 years running!

Healthy Chicken Salad with Mustard Miso Dressing Recipe

Shredded Chicken Salad With Mustard Miso Dressing

dairy free, gluten free

When a rotisserie chicken dinner is all you have energy for, make this chicken salad with a delicious mustard-miso dressing (sure to become your new go-to dressing, FYI). 

Brown Rice Salad Herbs

Mediterranean Brown Rice Salad 

dairy free, gluten free, nut free

Crisp cucumbers, loads of fresh herbs, toasted nuts, currants, pomegranates, and brown rice combine in this salad that’s as perfect for an easy lunch as it is at the holiday table. 

Sweet Potato Feta Quinoa Bowls Recipe

Sweet Potato Quinoa Grain Bowls Recipe

vegetarian, gluten free

Food trends can come and go but we’ll always turn to these sweet potato grain bowls when we don’t know what to make for dinner!

Brown Rice Whole Grain Bowl With Cashew Lemon Dressing Recipe

Butternut Squash Lemon Cashew Grain Bowl Recipe

vegan, vegetarian, dairy free

If you’re ISO a dish that’s healthy, hearty, and satisfying, this is it. Be sure to make double of the lemon cashew dressing as it works on everything from wraps to salads.

Seared Salmon and Cilantro-Cashew Whole Grain Bowl Recipe

Seared Salmon With Cilantro Cashew Sauce Recipe 

dairy free

We eat a lot of heart-healthy salmon but it can get boring if you’re not strategic. Enter this cilantro cashew sauce that brings herbs, flavor, and brightness to anything it tops!

Icelandic Vegetable and Oat Soup Recipe

Icelandic Oat And Vegetable Soup Recipe

vegan, vegetarian

When you want a satisfying stew that’s plant based, make this slow-simmered Icelandic dish that’s always a hit. 

Sweet Potato Chili Recipe

Black Bean Sweet Potato Chili Recipe

vegetarian, gluten free, nut free

Truth told, we always keep the ingredients for this chili on hand as it’s as fitting after a day of skiing as it is for an easy weeknight meal. 

Baked Chicken with Jalapeño Pesto Recipe

Jalapeno Pistachio Pesto Baked Chicken Recipe

dairy free, gluten free

We don’t eat a ton of baked chicken breasts because they can get very boring very quickly. Enter this jalapeño pistachio pesto which takes the weeknight classic and makes it exciting!

Roasted Cilantro Chile Lime Spatchcock Chicken Recipe

Cilantro Lime Roasted Spatchcock Chicken Recipe

dairy free, gluten free, nut free

Another favorite chicken dish around here is this simple cilantro-lime roasted chicken. Thanks to the spatchcocking it takes a fraction of the time to roast but still turns out flavorful and juicy. 

More Wellness Tips

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