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Italy Travel Guide

Italy Travel Guide

Whether you’re looking to explore Italy’s historical sites, take in its stunning views, indulge in its delicious cuisine, or simply soak up its culture and atmosphere, a trip to Italy should definitely be on your bucket list.

Explore why this amazing country is an unforgettable destination and one of the main places where we provide our travel planning services. Here are our top articles and tips to help you plan a Italy travel experience.

Italy Travel Tips

First things first, you’ll want to do your Italy travel right. As in choosing a destination that matches your style, learning about local culture, and heeding local tips so you know what not to do!

A few classic 10 to 20-day itineraries that our food-first travel lovers adore are those that provide a cross-section of the country. We encourage them to include a mix of farm visits, wine tasting, Italian cities, small towns, and outdoor adventures in:

  • Northern Italy: Piedmont wine country, Milan, & the Lakes 
  • The Veneto: Venice, Verona, & The Dolomites
  • Central Italy: Bologna, Florence, & Val D’Orcia
  • Southern Italy: Rome, Naples, & The Amalfi Coast
  • Sicily: Palermo, Taormina, Catania, and Val di Noto

Italian Wine Travel

As one of the world’s largest and most prestigious producers of wine, we highly encourage you to sip some vino during your Italy travels. Get to know the famed region of Chianti, the beloved region of Sicily, and loads about the under-appreciated Italian sparkling wine culture:

Northern Italy Travel

Head to Northern Italy to get a feel for the culture that is more akin to France and Switzerland than Sicily yet distinctly Italian.

This area is known for the drama of the Alps, the canals of Venice, the chic city of Milan, the Italian lakes, and world-renowned wine and cheese. Head here in the winter for skiing and Carnival, in the spring and summer for hiking and lake time, and in fall for wine harvest and the celebrated truffle auction. 

Central Italy Travel

As the home to romantic Florence, central Italy is usually where first-time visitors to Italy head. But beyond the Renaissance charms of Florence, there is also the culinary capital of Bologna, the local spot of the Tuscan coast, the idyllic Tuscan countryside, and the off-the-radar region of Umbria.

Southern Italy Travel

Head to the Italian capital of Rome to get to know Italian history, politics, and the famous “four pastas of Rome.” But then explore this area by diving deeper into the unique city of Naples, the stunning Amalfi coast, or the up-and-coming destination of Sicily. 

Italy Travel Planning Resources

Starting to plan Italy travel? Check out these helpful links:

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