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Where to Travel in Italy Based on Your Personality

You made the decision: you’re going to Italy. But before you hop on the place to live la dolce vita, you must decide where to travel in Italy.  We say let your personality lead the way. Think of this as choosing what part of Italy is best to visit—catered specifically to you. We’ve selected the best regions in Italy based on your interests, so choose one or mix and match to figure out where to go in Italy.

Where To Travel In Italy
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Where To Travel In Italy

Here are our top itineraries for everyone from wine lovers to adventure seekers.

Romantic Travelers: Get swept up in the beauty of it all

The Veneto is where to travel in Italy when you love to love. Venice, the region’s capital, has picture-perfect canals, while Verona (a.k.a. the City of Love) was the setting for Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. Verona may even have an opera while you’re visiting the arena in the heart of town!

The Amalfi Coast is one of the must-see places in Italy, so consider Campania. There you can also explore Capri’s rugged landscape or bathe in Ischia’s mineral-rich thermal waters.

Umbria has dreamy medieval hill towns like Assisi or Perugia, and we highly recommend stopping in beautiful Orvieto. Marvel at the cathedral there, explore the underground caves and enjoy the view atop the clock tower.

Food First: Let your stomach lead the way

Sicily has a reputation for food travel in Italy and is a place foodies shouldn’t miss when considering where to travel in Italy.

From the arancini to the pasta alla norma, you won’t go hungry there! And Sicilian desserts like a granita or some cannoli are, quite honestly, reason enough to visit Italy.

When looking at where to travel in Italy for the food, eat your way through Emilia Romagna with classics like prosciutto di Parma and Parmigiano-Reggiano. One of our fave food cities in Bologna has iconic Italian foods, including tortellini en brodo or mortadella.

Aerial of rolling hills and vineyards in Italy

Wine Lovers: For a three-hour lunch with vineyard views

Some of Italy’s best places to travel for food and wine include classic regions like Tuscany, Umbria, and Piedmont. The picturesque rolling vineyards look straight out of a film, and the vino — the Chianti, Barolo, and Barbaresco especially — is divine.

If you prefer Italian sparkling wine, then your decision of where to travel in Italy is easy! Visit vineyards in Veneto for all things prosecco. Or, for a lesser-known sparkling wine region, Franciacorta in Lombardy will satisfy your desire for premium bubbly.

Our top food destination, Sicily, also suits wine lovers well. But Sicilian wine goes well beyond Marsala, so check out our starter guide for Sicilian wine to learn more about this exciting Italian wine region.

Adventure Seekers: Nothing beats the thrill of the outdoors

If you’re wondering where to travel in Italy as an adventure lover, you have many options. In Le Marche, hike spectacular spots like Monti Sibillini or through the Conero Regional Park, including Lame Rosse (considered the Grand Canyon of Le Marche). Visitors can go horseback riding, cycling, or even golfing, and you can lounge on the beaches of the Conero Riviera.

The rural region of Abruzzo is an excellent location to hike, camp, or ski in the winter months. You’ll encounter several world-famous parks teeming with wildlife like Abruzzo National Park, Maiella National Park, and the regional park Sirente Velino.

The mountainous Aosta Valley is a prime skiing destination and includes epic peaks like Monte Bianco and the Matterhorn. Here you’ll find Italy’s first national park, Gran Paradiso National Park, home to the Alpine ibex, a type of wild goat unique to the region.

Trentino Alto-Adige includes the Dolomites and the Alps, so skiers should flock here for a winter trip. This area is still gorgeous in the summer, and it’s a great spot to rent 4WD vehicles or go rock climbing.

Art Aficionados: You want your holiday to feed your creative soul

Tuscany’s capital of Florence is a dream for art enthusiasts looking for where to travel in Italy. Witness firsthand Renaissance masterpieces like Michaelangelo’s David, Botticelli’s Birth of Venus, and Ghiberti’s Gates of Paradise, or experience gems like the lesser-known sculpture museum, Il Bargello Museum.

Fashion capital Milan, in the Lombardy region, will fuel your creative soul. Admire buildings like the Duomo and the Bosco Verticale, experience street art and museums like Fondazione Prada and the Bagatti Valsecchi Museum, or visit the city’s many studios and showrooms.

Panoramic view of ruins at Ostia historic site

History Buffs: Exploring ancient ruins is your idea of a good time

Rome and Ostia are in the Lazio region, and you could spend weeks exploring Italy’s history here! The Colosseum, the Roman Forum, the Pantheon, and the archaeological site of Ostia Antica only scratch the surface of how to experience living history in Italy.

South of Lazio is Campania, where you can marvel at the archaeological site of Pompeii, buried by the eruption of Mount Vesuvius. For more history, head to the Naples National Archaeological Museum or the Second Temple of Hera, one of the best-preserved Greek temples in the world.

The arch of Italy’s boot, Basilicata, has been inhabited since the Paleolithic times and may be the site of the first human dwellings in the country. Matera, the City of Caves, is a system of Neolithic cave dwellings, plus the temple ruins of Tavole Palatine are also in the Basilicata region.

Aerial View of Matera Italy

Luxury Living: What’s a vacation without a little splurging?

If where to travel in Italy is about luxury, we’ve got you. You can really go luxe in Lombardy — there’s a reason George Clooney has a villa on Lake Como! The chic lakes region offers picturesque waterside towns at every turn, and when you want a taste of city life, head down to Milan.

Sun Bums: Swimming in the crystal clear waters of the Mediterranean

If you’re considering how to decide where to travel in Italy and beaches are a priority, consider Sardinia. Expect long strips of sand and hidden coves only accessible by hiking or boat and transparent waters that shimmer in the sunlight.

You’ll find the Italian Riviera in Liguria, right on the Mediterranean. The coastline has countless beaches, plus gorgeous towns (including the famed Cinque Terre) that make this one of the most beautiful places in Italy.

Italy’s boot, including Puglia and Calabria, gets tons of sun and has hundreds of miles of coastline! Even with Puglia’s growing popularity, you’ll encounter far fewer travelers in either of these beach destinations than other Italy spots.

Off-the-Beaten-Path Travelers: Discover the undiscovered.

Molise is Italy’s newest region, founded in 1963. As such, the tourism infrastructure here can’t compare to famed regions like Lazio or Tuscany — but intrepid travelers can wander through the charming small towns and countryside and countless impressive castles.

Culture Vultures: “Travel like a local” is your mantra

Italy has a few pockets of cultural melting spots like Friuli-Venezia Giulia. This northeastern corner borders Austria and Slovenia, resulting in a mash-up of cultures between multiple countries.

Similarly, Trentino Alto-Adige used to be part of Austria-Hungary, and here it’s not uncommon to encounter German speakers. It’s an interesting pocket with adorable Alpine villages in Italy’s most famous mountain ranges, the Dolomites and Alps.

Get Help Deciding Where To Travel In Italy

What type of personality (or personalities!) inspire your travel style? What region of Italy are you most excited to explore? Comment below and tell us where you’d like to head next! And, if you need help planning where to travel in Italy, reach out to have us create a custom travel itinerary for you.

Photo Credit: Photo of Matera by FABRIZIO CONTE, Ostia ruins by Ludmila Aire, Dolomites photo by Ttstudio

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