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25 Delicious Cinco De Mayo Desserts For Your Next Fiesta

In our opinion, a good party always ends with a delicious dessert, which is why we’re sharing 25 Cinco de Mayo desserts from traditional to Mexican-inspired and from showstopping to seriously easy!

Cinco de Mayo Desserts
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What Is Cinco De Mayo?

By now, you likely know that Cinco de Mayo is a day to commemorate the Battle of Puebla and that it’s celebrated very differently in Mexico than here in the United States. We don’t endorse cultural appropriation or being disrespectful of the Mexican culture ever; however, we always love any chance to celebrate Mexico. So, on May 5th, we feel it’s worth cooking up a spread of Mexican food for Cinco de Mayo, even if you’re celebrating here in the United States. 

We’ve shared a selection of Mexican-inspired dishes for a Cinco de Mayo menu and, of course, have a selection of many margaritas for your to choose from. But this time, we’re narrowing in on dessert.

25 Cinco De Mayo Desserts 

So, here are more than 25 Cinco de Mayo dessert recipes — some traditional Mexican desserts and others inspired by Mexico — worthy next Cinco de Mayo party:

Classic Mexican Sweets

Even though the way we celebrate the holiday is definitely not traditional, you can still whip up some traditional Mexican desserts for the occasion: 

Arroz Con Leche
Photo by Familia Kitchen

Arroz Con Leche

Gluten-Free, Nut Free, Vegetarian
One of the easiest Cinco de Mayo desserts on this list, this rice pudding combines rice, cinnamon, and orange peel for a comforting classic. 
Arroz Con Leche Recipe from Familia Kitchen


Nut Free, Vegetarian
One of the most traditional desserts you’ll see as a part of Mexican Christmas foods, these crisp fritters are one of the sweet treats that’s key to Mexican culture. 
Buñuelos Recipe from Serious Eats


We’re just going to say it: we think chocoflan doesn’t get the attention it deserves! With a layer of Mexican chocolate cake topped with flan and caramel, it’s one of the traditional Mexican dishes that should be on everyone’s must-make list. 
Chocoflan from Marcela Valladolid for Food Network

Churros on a plate with chocolate sauce
Churros photo from Snixy Kitchen


Gluten-Free, Nut Free, Vegetarian
Homemade churros may seem intimidating, but once you get the hang of it, the final product is nothing short of amazing. 
Churros from Snixy Kitchen


Gluten-Free, Nut Free, Vegetarian
These Mexican take-on coconut macaroons are super popular in Mexico but are lesser-known stateside. As far as delicious dessert recipes go, these top the list!
Cocadas from Spruce Eats

Plate of homemade conchas
Conchas photo by Isabel Eats


Nut Free, Vegetarian

Okay, yes, the most common time you will see this traditional Mexican treat eaten is during breakfast, along with some hot cafe de olla. But they are really delicious anytime of day, which is why we’re including them in our list of delicious Cinco de Mayo desserts. 

Conchas from Isabel Eats


Gluten-Free, Nut Free, Vegetarian
We can bet that, even if your local Mexican restaurant has no proper dessert menu, they still serve a version of this classic creamy flan. 
Flan Napolitano from Pati Jinich

Jericallas on a serving platter
Photo by In Mama Maggie's Kitchen


Gluten-Free, Nut Free, Vegetarian
If you’ve read up on the classic food from Guadalajara, then you know that this Mexican custard recipe hails from that part of Mexico. It’s similar to flan but is not topped with caramel sauce, is baked in individual ramekins, and often is blackened on the top. 
Jericallas from In Mama Maggie’s Kitchen

Lime Ice Pops

Nut Free, Vegetarian
On this list of Mexican inspired dessert, these make-ahead lime paletas may be the easiest to make. They’re made by the paleta queen, Fany Gerson, and are inspired by Mexican lime pie complete with crushed cookies!
Lime Pie Ice Pops by Fany Gerson from The Kitchn

Cups of Magonadas
Photo by New York Times


Dairy Free, Gluten Free, Nut Free, Vegetarian
Anyone of Mexican heritage can attest that the mangonada is a must-eat summertime sweet. Made with pureed mango or mango sorbet layered with chamoy, it’s sweet, spicy, and refreshing all at once and it tops our list of easy Cinco de Mayo desserts.
Mangonada from New York Times

Tray of pig shaped cookies
Photo by Food52

Marranitos Cookies

Nut Free, Vegetarian
Classic marranitos are buttery cookies with warm spices akin to a gingerbread cookie. Here recipe genius Rick Martinez gives them a chocolate twist with cocoa powder and a chocolate dip. If you’re looking to make Cinco de Mayo cookies, these should be it!
Marranitos from Food52

Mexican Fried Ice Cream
Photo by House of Yumm

Mexican Fried Ice Cream

Nut Free, Vegetarian
Okay, the truth is a fair amount of Mexican-inspired dessert recipes are fried, which may not be ideal for your next Cinco de Mayo celebration. Enter this take on Mexican fried ice cream that isn’t actually fried!
Mexican Fried Ice Cream from House Of Yumm

Polvorones Cookies
Photo by Chicano Eats


There are two common types of these Mexican sugar cookies: one with nuts and powdered sugar (aka Mexican Wedding Cookies) and this type with sprinkles that’s also known as Galletas Grageas! We’re going the sprinkles route for a holiday as festive as Cinco de Mayo. 
Polvorones from Chicano Eats

Cake with slice out on a table
Photo by Hola Jalapeno

Strawberry Tres Leches Cake

Nut Free, Vegetarian
We’re always game for this classic Mexican dessert and love that this is seasonal with fresh strawberries!
Strawberry Tres Leches Cake from ¡Hola! Jalapeño

Modern Mexican-Inspired Desserts

Now for some recipes that are by no means traditional to Mexico but by all means are delicious!

Mexican Lime Icebox Cake
Photo by Lemon Blossoms

Carlota de Limón (Lime Icebox Cake)

Nut Free, Vegetarian
If the weather is already warm where you are, turn to this sweet-tart icebox cake for dessert.
Carlota de Limón (Lime Icebox Cake) from Lemon Blossoms 

Closeup of churro cupcake with choclate sauce
Photo by King Arthur Baking

Churro Cupcakes with Chocolate Ganache

Nut Free, Vegetarian
Raise the bar on this Mexican holiday with these churro cupcakes. They are one of the more technical recipes on this list so give yourself plenty of time to make them. But know the result is that they’ll top the list of Cinco de Mayo desserts!
Churro Cupcakes from King Arthur Baking

Hand holding filled donut with tray of donuts
Photo by Sus of Limon y Sal

Coffee And Chocolate Donuts

Nut Free, Vegetarian
Sugary yeasted donuts filled with melted chocolate and coffee custard? What’s not to love!
Coffee Chocolate Donuts from Limon y Sal

Concha filled with berries, ice cream, and chocolate sauce
Photo by Food52

Conchas Ice Cream Sandwiches

Nut Free, Vegetarian
Another perfect dessert from Rick Martinez, here conchas sandwich vanilla ice cream and get served with hot chocolate sauce and fresh berries. 
Ice Cream Sandwich Conchas from Food52

Tray with mini chocotacos and bowls of chocolate sauce, sprinkles, and nuts
Photo by A Cozy Kitchen

Homemade Chocotacos

Okay, let’s be real: the only things these nostalgic treats have in common with Mexican is that they’re called tacos. But we still think they’d be an incredible addition to a Cinco de Mayo menu. 
Homemade Chocotacos by A Cozy Kitchen

Small bowls of horchata granita with strawberries
Photo by Kitchen Konfidence

Horchata Granita

Dairy Free, Gluten Free, Vegetarian
If the weather is warm in your neck of the woods, we say make this twist on classic granita that’s topped with seasonal fresh strawberries!
Horchata Granita from Kitchen Konfidence

Margarita cupcakes with a margarita cocktail
Photo by Sally's Baking Addiction

Margarita Cupcakes

Nut Free,Vegetarian
That’s right! This is a classic margarita in cupcake form. Trust us that you’ll be very popular if you bring these to the party!
Margarita Cupcakes from Sally’s Baking Addiction

Entire pie on a platter

Spiced Mexican Chocolate Pie

Nut Free, Vegetarian
​A coconut cream pie gets extra decadent with some spiced Mexican chocolate flavors for a winner of a sweet.
Spiced Mexican Chocolate Coconut Pie from Salt & Wind Travel

Strawberry Tamales on a plate
Photo by Hola Jalapeno

Strawberry Tamales

Gluten Free, Vegetarian
We love making our own tamales but dessert tamales seem to fly under the radar of most. Make this pink-hued version topped with strawberries for a seasonal treat.
Strawberry Tamales from ¡Hola! Jalapeño

Spiced Sweet Potato Tamales With Chocolate Sauce Recipe

Sweet Potato Tamales With Chocolate Sauce

Gluten Free, Vegetarian
​Or make a brown sugar and sweet potato tamale that’s topped with rich flavor of a spicy, sweet, chocolate sauce. 
Sweet Potato Tamales from Salt & Wind Travel

Cinnamon and Tequila Hot Chocolate

Gluten Free, Nut Free, Vegetarian
​Speaking of, if chocolate is your love language but you don’t want to make a full dessert, whip up this decadent spiked hot chocolate made with heavy cream, cinnamon, and tequila.
Cinnamon and Tequila Hot Chocolate from Salt & Wind Travel

Mexican Cocktails

Mexican Cocktails

Looking for some Mexican-inspired cocktail ideas for your next party? Check out these Mexican cocktails that go well beyond the margarita from a classic Paloma and a Michelada to more modern creations. 

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