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Here are 8 Things To Do On A Sunday In Mexico City

While many things are closed, there is still so much vibrant culture to experience on a Sunday in Mexico City. Having lived in Mexico City for over five years, I’ve had ample time to discover all there is to do in the Mexican capital.

There is no shortage of Mexican history, shopping, historic sites, parks to hang in, interesting museums to visit, and street food to eat in this beautiful country in Latin America. From shopping at the Lagunilla vintage market and biking tree-lined boulevards to hanging in the beautiful parks or having a leisurely meal, there is a lot to do. 

Sunday In Mexico City
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8 Things To Do On Sunday In Mexico City

Why Sunday? Well, this is truly a day of rest for Mexicans, so many restaurants, boutiques, and other obvious ways to have a great time may be closed and unavailable. And, because many locals spend this day at home with family, there is not as much demand for restaurants, so many spots are closed (we’ll get into where to eat later, FYI).

Even so, we’re talking about one of the largest cities in North America, where there are some of the region’s best museums, best street food, and incredible works of art. So here are 8 things to do on a Sunday in Mexico City: 

Shop, Shop and Shop 

If you want to shop local small boutiques, head to the neighborhoods of Juarez, Roma, and Condesa. In Roma along Álvaro obregón, or Condesa. For vintage, head to La Lagunilla Market, one of the city’s best flea markets (and a great spot for street food!), which is only open on Sundays. 

Bike the City

Sunday mornings are the best day to bike the city as Paseo de la Reforma is shut down from 8 AM until 2 PM. The route you can bike runs from downtown all the way to the chic neighborhood of Polanco. It’s a fun way to get exercise, fresh air, and see the city in a quieter moment among locals and travelers alike. 

Explore Parks

And a not-to-miss while you’re near Polanco is Chapultepec Park, which is like the Central Park of Mexico City. It’s easy to spend an entire day here doing a DIY walking tour or biking around.

The park is home to America’s only true castle, Castillo de Chapultepec, with some of the best views of the high-altitude capital of Mexico City. The park also houses a beautiful, cactus-filled Botanical Garden. You can use paddle boats or lounge around in a secret jazz garden.

See Historic Sites

One of the first things we think you should do on a Sunday in Mexico City is head to the historic city center. Don’t miss classic Mexico City landmarks like Palacio de Bellas Artes and Torre Latinoamericana, which is like the Empire State Building of Mexico City.

Walk down one of the busiest streets until you reach El Zocalo, where you’ll find Templo Mayor, a fantastic way to see ancient ruins. The National Palace is just around the corner. As you stroll along the streets lined with historic buildings, you’ll surely eat some street food, as it’s an intangible Unesco World Heritage Site.  

Visit Museums 

Inside Chapultepec Park, one of the largest parks you may ever walk through. You can visit the small museum of Rufino Tamayo. Across from the park, the Museo Nacional de Antropología is a must if you’re a history lover. A short trip to the middle of the Chapultepec, you can even find a treasure – Museo Mural Diego Rivera.

For more Diego, head to the Frida Kahlo Museum, known as the Blue House, in the Coyoacan neighborhood, but make sure you get tickets well in advance as this place is always packed with travelers.

Attend A Wrestling Match

Another classic worth adding to this day is heading to a Lucha Libre match at the México stadium in the Doctores neighborhood, which is nicknamed the “cathedral of Lucha libre.”

Sunday Funday on the Canals

If you love being on the water, take a day trip and head to the canals of Xochimilco for a Sunday Funday. These canals aren’t just full of colorful boats, mariachi bands playing, and locals enjoying the atmosphere. These canals are also home to traditional farming methods, where you’ll find local organic farms growing herbs and veggies for some of the finest restaurants in Mexico City.

Enjoy A Long Meal

One of our favorite things about Mexican culture is that they participate in sobremesa, which is hanging at a table after a meal to enjoy coffee, tea, or liqueur and simply converse. We highly recommend you do the same during a meal on a Sunday in Mexico City. Whether lunch or dinner, this day is a great opportunity to hang with friends and press pause. 

Where To Eat Mexico City

7 Places To Eat On A Sunday In Mexico City

Now that we’ve discussed all the places to explore, here are our favorite restaurants – from classic to chic – to hang out and eat on a Sunday in Mexico City. In the United States, we celebrate #SundayFunday with friends, but in Mexico, it’s traditionally a day spent with family. It’s a ritual we 100% stand behind, but it can put a kink in your plans when searching for the best restaurants in Mexico City open on a Sunday.

Through rigorous research – aka eating lots of delicious meals across the city – I’ve found the best places to eat, from the Centro Historico to Jamaica and every neighborhood in between. 

Campobaja (Roma Norte neighborhood)

A restaurant rooted in origins, you’ll feast on fresh salads, ceviches, and tostadas topped with fresh Mexican seafood at Campobaja – a great place for a lively Sunday night.

Between the retractable roof ceiling, natural vibe, and great food, this spot highlights all that we love about the best Mexico City restaurants: inviting design and incredible seafood. Oh, and, in our opinion, the craft cocktails alone are worth a visit on a Sunday evening.
Meals Served On Sundays: Brunch, Lunch, and early Dinner

Contramar (Roma Norte neighborhood)

You’ll need a reservation if you want to hang out at this see-and-be-seen restaurant on a buzzing street in Roma Norte with delicious food. Contramar is one of the classic spots in a central location where the fresa (Mexican slang to describe upper-class preppy types) crowd hangs. But it’s not just a scene — this seafood-centric spot is on our list of best restaurants in Mexico City for fine dining.

If you’re recovering from a big night out, embrace the Mexican tradition of having raw seafood to cure a hangover and dive into their raw bar items like chocolate clams, oysters, aguachiles, and ceviches. Reserve well in advance and request a table outside!
Meals Served On Sundays: Brunch and Lunch

El Cardenal (Downtown neighborhood)

Located in Centro histórico, El Cardenal is one of the most classic old-school restaurants in Mexico City and is worth a visit for the white tablecloth and jacket-clad waiter service alone. Locals love it for good reason, especially on Sunday mornings.

We like it because it’s a perfect restaurant to try traditional Mexican breakfast foods – think conchas with clotted cream, chilaquiles con Pollo, and fresh corn tortillas. There are a few El Cardenal locations around the city, but the original in the city’s heart is our favorite. They don’t take reservations after 9 AM, so be prepared to wait at least 45 minutes — which, by the way, is a perfect amount of time to check out the Zocalo if it is your first time visiting. 

La Corriente Cevicheria Nais (Roma Norte neighborhood)

As the name suggests, this restaurant is all about ceviche and other forms of raw seafood. This original Cevicheria Naïs is located north in Tijuana, and it’s considered one of the best spots in Baja to get raw seafood.

The Mexico City location has equally excellent food and all the classic dishes the restaurant is known for, including snapper tostada and tuna carnitas. However, we’re fans of the scallop dishes and the aguachile.
Meals Served On Sundays: Lunch and Dinner

Lardo (Roma Norte neighborhood)

Sister restaurant to the adored Rosetta bakery (owned by renowned chef Elena Reygadas), Lardo in la Roma, is a restaurant that reflects the personality of the Mexico City neighborhood it resides in: hip and fresh.

The menu is rooted in Italian flavors but with a Mexican sensibility, and the chic indoor-outdoor decor makes it the perfect place to laze away a Sunday afternoon. You can’t go wrong with ordering by the burrata appetizer, their salads, and any of their pasta are always on our must-try list. Oh, and they make a mean Negroni too!
Meals Served On Sundays: Breakfast and Lunch

Mercado Jamaica (Jamaica neighborhood)

Mexico City is full of history, and the flower market known as Mercado Jamaica is a big part of that – in the past, this area was a waterway on the Eastern edge of the ancient Aztec island city Tenochtitlan and acted as a sort of port and delivery everything from produce to fresh goods to the city.

Today, Mercado Jamaica is the main flower market and one of the best markets in Mexico City, and you’ll find not only fresh cut flowers but some of the most delicious local foods among the street vendors — flor de calabaza (squash blossom) quesadillas – too! That and classic breakfast pastries, Mexican hot chocolate, elotes, esquites, fresh juices, and guacamole, you’ll leave this market with a delicious multi-sensory overload.
Meals Served On Sundays: All Day Dining

Milo’s Bistrot (Condesa neighborhood)

We love Milo’s in La Condesa for a few different reasons — one of them is for Sunday brunch. This little spot has two separate dining areas and a patio, too. The design is adorable both inside and out, and the coffee, fresh-made-to-order Jugo Verdes (green juices), and huevos (egg) dishes like chilaquiles are made just right.
Meals Served On Sundays: Breakfast and Lunch

FYI, very few of these places – aside from El Cardenal and Cevicheria Nais – are open past 6 PM on Sundays. If you want to eat after that time, grab a taco at a classic spot like El Vilsito or Taqueria Orinoco!

Any other favorite spots for where to eat on Sunday in Mexico City? Let us know in the comments below!

Polanco vs. Condesa And Other Best Mexico City Neighborhoods

Find The Best Neighborhood For You In Mexico City

If you’re planning a trip to Mexico City, you’re likely in search of where to stay. Read on to decide between the Polanco vs Condesa neighborhood or downtown or Roma.

And, of course, if you need help deciding on what to do on a Sunday in Mexico City or where to stay or where to eat, we can help with our travel planning services. After discussing your preferences during a short consultation, we’ll plan your perfect itinerary.

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