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12 Must See Mexico City Landmarks And Things To Do For Your First Trip

Heading to Mexico City for the first time? You’re liking ISO of the Mexico City landmarks and things to do that are worth your time.

Between the city’s never-ending sprawl, massive population, and eons of of history, there’s a lot to digest in Mexico’s capital city. We’d recommend spending at least a long weekend and up to one week for your first trip so that you can see historic sites like El Zocalo, visit Chapultepec Castle, and, of course, dive into the legendary street food.

Mexico City Landmarks
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12 Must See Mexico City Landmarks & Things To Do

After almost a decade of working in Mexico City to craft travel itineraries and leading group trips there, we have lot of connections, insider knowledge, and insight. So, when it comes to what to do in Mexico City for your first time, we’ve got your covered. Here are the things you need to do to on your first trip to Mexico City:

Start At El Zócalo

Begin your trip with a visit to Mexico City’s main square, the Plaza de la Constitución (aka El Zócalo). We know we’re not the first ones to suggest it. In fact, a lot of other guidebooks list it as a must-see place in Mexico City but that’s because it’s well worth it.

Yes, you’ll see quite a few tourists so go early to avoid crowds. As one of the largest city squares in the world (!), this spot has been a gathering place dating back to Aztec times. Add to it that within just a few blocks you see everything from political buildings and a cathedral to temples, and, well, it’s like a one-stop-shop for sightseeing in Mexico City.

See Some Of The Americas Best Ruins

Practically still on the Zócalo (okay, just a few feet to the side) is the ancient Aztec temple and UNESCO World Heritage Site known as Templo Mayor. We’re giving Templo Mayor special attention because, as one of the most  historical places in Mexico, it is a spot you absolutely cannot miss. Originally created as a temple dedicated to the gods of war and rain, these days there is a museum and archeological site on view at this sacred site.

Visit North America’s Only Castle

Speaking of photos, a majorly Insta-worthy spot is Chapultepec Park (particularly pretty at sunset and sunrise, btw). Not only is it the perfect spot to relax when you travel to Mexico City, but it is also one of the largest parks in the Western Hemisphere.

Made up of three sections, the park houses everything from North America’s only castle (aka Chapultepec Castle), museums, landmarks, running trails, and recreational activities. If you go on a Sunday, plan to bike there because that’s when the boulevard that borders the park (Paseo De La Reforma (aka Reforma)) is closed to cars but very much open to bikes! 

Get Your Art On

From Frida to Diego Rivera and street art to classical, Mexico City has always been a creative epicenter. To get a taste of the classic art scene, head to the Palacio Bellas Artes. This gorgeous Neoclassical museum has an exquisite Art Deco interior with art by many famous Mexican muralists.

But no visit to Mexico City would be complete without taking a visit to the Frida Kahlo Museum. The iconic blue clay house is home to many works from Kahlo, Diego Rivera, and other Mexican folk artists.

See The Legendary Design

Round out the cultural part of your Mexico City trip with a little design. The Archivo de Diseno y Arquitectura is an excellent source for all things art and design in Mexico — it features many modern and unique pieces of work. La Biblioteca Jose Vasconcelos and Casa Gilardi are masterpieces in architecture – absolute must-see places in Mexico City to make your trip memorable. 

Mexico City Market Tour

Explore One Of The Biggest Markets In Latin America

As food lovers, we love to visit markets when we travel and always try to make wander around both a modern grocery story and a classic market. In Mexico City, that classic food market is Mercado La Merced. As one of the largest markets in Latin America, you can find all sorts of indigenous Mexican ingredients from dried chiles and handmade sweets to street food and produce and live animals. Mercado La Merced has been a permanent fixture in Mexico City since the 1860s and it’s a beast of a market.

Our advice: go with someone who knows the market and give yourself hours and hours. Also, as with any crowded place, stay vigilant and watch your wallet, leave your valuables at home, and try to stay out of the way they many workers crisscrossing the market with often enormous crates.

Sample Mexican Street Food

With a reputation as one of the world’s great street food destinations, you must, must, must give yourself ample time (if not half a day!) to try the street food. Mexico City has countless street food vendors selling everything from ancient foods to breakfast quesadillas to street tacos and Aguas Frescas.

We’d start listing off some of our favorite places for street food in Mexico City, but, truth be told, it’s easier to go with a local expert. Reach out if you want help arranging that!

Rosetta Door Mexico City

Book Some Fine Dining

For nights out on the town, high-end restaurants have made CDMX a culinary landmark. You can find every type of international cuisine that you can think of, but some of the best restaurants in Mexico City for fine dining include Quintonil, Pujol, and Rosetta.

What do all of these places have in common? An excellent selection of unique and modern twists on traditional Mexican dishes. On the menu, you’ll find quesadillas, tacos, arróz, and other Mexican delicacies that will leave you wanting more. The only catch? Snagging a table at these spots can often be near impossible. But we’ve got you covered! Just hit up the Salt & Wind Travel concierge desk and we’ll help you out!

Drink At Mexico City’s Pulquerias

When visiting Mexico, most think that the drink of choice should be tequila or mezcal. A third lesser-known but equally important drink worth trying out? Pulque. Made from the fermented sap of the agave plant, pulque was a drink for priests and noblemen in ancient times.

These days the drink is having a moment with younger Mexicans who love the history and the acquired taste. Head downtown and socialize at Pulquería Duelistas, where you’ll find young locals enjoying the carefully crafted pulque cocktails.

Check Out The City’s New School Cocktail Bars

The yin to pulque’s yang? A drink from one of Mexico City’s new-school cocktail bars. Licorería Limantour brought craft cocktails to the city when they back in 2011 and, since then, Mexico City has become a legit cocktail town.

Bars like the sleek Fifty Mils ave further upped the mixology ante and helped Mexico City waves on the international mixology scene. Sidle up to the bar and have the bartender recommend something for you because more often than not we end up loving the drinks that we’d never think to order. 

Churros Freshly Made

Make Time For Churros

Round out your trip with dessert at El Moro. This classic type of Mexican establishment has you guessed it, churros. Churros may be an original Spanish dessert, but the Mexicans hold their own and the perfect example of that is El Moro. Have a hard time deciding from the extensive menu? We recommend the churros with Nutella, dulce de leche, or hot chocolate.

Do The Classic Mexico City Day Trip

Teotihuacan is an ancient city about an hour outside of Mexico City with a bit of a mystery. This area is massive, so allow yourself a day to explore all that it has to offer. Learn all about the history of the ever-changing inhabitants, religion (there was a pulque god!), and the ongoing excavations. Even if you’re short on time, make sure to see the main attractions: Avenue of the Dead, the Pyramid of the Sun, the Pyramid of the Moon, and the Citadel.

Sunday In Mexico City

What To Do On A Sunday In Mexico City

Heading to Mexico City for the weekend? Be forewarned that things can get pretty sleepy on a Sunday so you’ll want to make a plan and book any meals in advance. From biking the La Reforma boulevard and day tripping to Xochimilco to having a leisurely Sunday lunch, here are some ideas of what to do on a Sunday in Mexico City

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