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A Peek Into Extra Virgin Olive Oil Is Made

When you spend as much time as we do focused on all things food and travel in California, France, Spain, and Italy, you end up cooking and eating a lot of olive oil!

So when we traveled to Italy to learn all about the places, makers, and products that go into making Lucini Italia‘s premium extra virgin olive oil, we were so all about it! Over the course of a few months we traveled across Tuscany to see the town of Bolgheri where Lucini began, to meet the families who make the olive oil, to visit the olive groves where harvest happened, and to cook with locals to learn the best ways to cook with olive oil. 

Watch the full series via the videos here then scroll down for our favorite recipes using quality olive oil!

Behind The Bottle Episode 1: Where It All Began

Behind The Bottle Episode 2: Family Made

Behind The Bottle Episode 3: See Olive Oil Harvest

Behind The Bottle Episode 4: How To Taste Olive Oil 

Behind The Bottle Episode 5: Cooking With Olive Oil

Recipes To Cook With Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Now that you’ve watched all the episodes, head here for all our tips on how to buy the best olive oil then cook some of these olive oil-focused recipes!

And let us know: what is your favorite way to use olive oil?

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