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Travel stories, city guides, travel tips, recipes, and more inspired by one of our favorite food places on earth, Spain.
We cover the essential travel tips, the history of churros, dive into vermouth, travel tips, and more.

Essential Tips To Know Before Traveling To Spain
Everything You Need To Know About Spanish Tapas
A Brief History Of Churros (And Where To Eat Them In Barcelona)
How To Drink Vermouth Like A Spaniard
What To Do in Barcelona On A Sunday

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Salt & Wind Travel

Chocolate Bars So Good They’re Worth Hopping A Flight

Most people will take any excuse to hop a flight — catch up with a friend, taste test tequila, search out surf – but chocoholics like us? We’d go to the ends of the earth for a good chocolate bar. Here are 10 chocolate bars worth traveling for!

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