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Survive The Holidays With Multi-Task Mingling

In theory, we all want to be the most phenomenal hostess and throw perfect 10 holiday party after holiday party. In practice, hosting can be just plain exhausting (not to mention pricey), especially if you try to do it all on your own.

Between the holiday card writing, menu planning, and events, the “to do” list just doesn’t quit this time of year. And rather than waiting to see friends at more formal festivities, we’re switching it up. Instead we’re getting things done while our friends come over. That way we can hang and still get those gifts wrapped. 

Toasting The Season with Cupcake Vineyards | @saltandwind

This is by no means new — your grandmother and her friends knew that the key to making it to the New Year was to share the love (and the tasks). The most classic party of this kind? The cookie swap.

No matter what you do or when, the key is that you have plenty of fun and come away with even more to eat. You could gather in your kitchen and cook some healthy meals to prep for houseguests, you could polish your tamale skills with a Tamalada, or take a page from your grandmother and make cookies. 

But this is 2016, not 1961, so even the most classic gathering deserves an update. Decorate your place really festive with some easy décor, set out a few easy nibbles, and bring everyone together to frost holiday cookies (make enough, of course, so everyone can take some home). Oh and serve some bubbly. Because if there’s ever a time to sip and celebrate while you cookie bake, it’s this time of year. 

Toasting The Season with Cupcake Vineyards | @saltandwind

At our cookie party, we went all out on the sweets and brought some seasonal candy, crafted a few homemade treats, and popped open a few bottles of bubbly. We partnered with Cupcake Vineyards for the occasion and its Sparkling Red was a total hit (not to mention we all decided we want a nail polish shade in the same color as the wine). 

Toasting The Season with Cupcake Vineyards | @saltandwind

It was like a grown-up tea party with lots of gorgeous festive details and made getting our ”to do” list tackled feel like something to celebrate. 

Toasting The Season with Cupcake Vineyards | @saltandwind

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