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Make The Most Of Summer With Our Warm Weather Bucket List

Do you hear that? It’s the sound of summer — sizzling grills, backyard bashes and wine being poured — and it’s fast approaching. Summer is when we food and travel lovers go into high gear with entertaining, adventure and travel packed into every free moment.

As experienced explorers, we’ve got a few jet-set and party-hosting notches on our belts. Through all our adventures, we’ve learned that, to make the most of summer (and life in general), you don’t wait for the moment, you make it! And to properly toast those moments, we’re celebrating with Oyster Bay Wines.

Here is a week-by-week list of tips to help you make the most out of Summer 2018:

Week 1: Clock In A Road Trip

Maybe it’s because we’re here in California where life revolves around cars, but our favorite way to do weekend travel is a classic road trip. And in the summer, with the windows down, and the music blasting, we like clocking in miles – from Big Sur to Joshua Tree – all in the name of adventure. Check out our favorite California weekend destinations here.

Week 2: Cook A New-To-You Recipe

Something well worth celebrating? The discovery of a recipe that you love cooking. Right now we’re partial to this Charred Asparagus Salad inspired by our explorations in Mexico’s Baja California and the discovery that it pairs perfectly with our favorite elegant, refreshing white wine, Oyster Bay’s Sauvignon Blanc! Another easy summertime staple is their Broadbean, Lemon and Prawn Orecchiette.

Week 3: Travel Your Town

In all your efforts to travel to new and exotic places, it can be easy to forget that it’s equally fun to explore your own city. Give yourself a weekend this summer to head to a museum, uncover a new neighborhood and just play tourist on staycation.

Week 4: Host A Cookout

Lighting up the grill is the sure-fire sign that summer is here, so as soon as the weather permits, call up your friends and invite them over for a cookout or BBQ! We love making summer recipes like these, but really anything goes!

Week 5: Visit A Friend

Blame your work load, your S.O. or family commitments, but the farther away you get from college, the harder it is to keep up with far away friends. Make the extra effort this summer and plan time to visit a dear friend and do nothing but open a bottle of wine and spend some quality catch up time.

Week 6: Throw A Weekend Brunch

Speaking of gathering friends, summer is prime brunch time! But waiting in long lines to eat at crowded restaurants is a non-starter, so we say host a weekend brunch and cook some of these mid-morning recipes, chez toi.

Week 7: Get Out On The Water

If summer goes by and you didn’t get in the water, did it even happen? Whether it’s catching a few waves at the beach or setting sail with friends, getting some time in the sun with the breeze in our hair is one of our ultimate summer goals.

Week 8: Shop A Roadside Farm Stand

Like sunflowers in an open field, roadside farm stands seem to suddenly be everywhere and anywhere once summer starts. Embrace spontaneity and pull over next time you see these summery pop-ups, and be sure to scoop up whatever produce looks good – from rhubarb and berries to sweet corn and cherries! You won’t regret it.

Week 9: Bake an All-American Dessert

You overdid it at the roadside farm stand and bought a full pallet of berries, didn’t you? No worries, because that’s the very reason classic American desserts (pies! crisps! cobblers!) were created! Go to town.

Week 10: Book A Spa Day

Truth be told, we’d love to have the funds to do a spa day every couple of weeks, but that’s not our reality. If there’s ever a perfect season to splurge on a spa day, it’s summer, so you can go au naturale and rock your best makeup-free look and feel relaxed while doing it!

Week 11: Watch A Movie Outdoors

If you ask us, warm summer nights were made for alfresco movie sessions! Stoke your travel bug by queuing up one of these travel-inspired movies and dream about where your path will take you next!

Week 12: Do Happy Hour… With A View

Be it dockside drinks or hiking to a panoramic sunset, this is the ideal time of year to make the extra effort for a memorable happy hour. After all, summer doesn’t last forever! But, no matter how you celebrate summer, the perfect way to toast your adventures is with Oyster Bay Sauvignon Blanc, the multi-award-winning varietal that introduced elegant, cool climate New Zealand wines to the world.

For a taste of #oysterbaysauvignonblanc, head to your local beverage retailer or order via Drizly. And, to learn more about all the wines in the Oyster Bay family, head to the Oyster Bay Wine’s website!

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