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About Salt & Wind Travel

Salt & Wind Travel is a full-service travel agency founded by food and travel expert Aida Mollenkamp in 2015. It is based in California and run by her and travel expert Kristen Kellogg.

We craft custom travel itineraries for our clients and have a reputation for 5-star customer service. Thanks to our connections, you’ll often get perks at various hotels and get one-of-a-kind experiences with locals. Through our work, we promote sustainable food and travel, support small businesses, and aim to preserve cultural individuality.

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Salt & Wind Travel is a travel site for food and wine lovers written by destination travel experts, not bots or inexperienced writers. For more than ten years, we’ve created top-quality content based on our first-hand experiences living and working in some of the world’s top culinary destinations, such as California, Hawai’i, France, Spain, Switzerland, Italy, and Mexico.

Our more than 900 articles share hard-earned tips from our IRL experiences to make you a better traveler—from how to take a train in Italy and the most iconic dishes to eat in California to which Hawai’i island to visit and tips for traveling to France for the first time.

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