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Salt & Wind specializes in food-focused experiences in some of the most interesting culinary regions of the world. We organize small group trips and personalized itineraries within California, Hawaii, Mexico, France, Spain, and Italy.

We offer a variety of travel services to help you make the most of your precious vacation time. Let us help you taste the world!

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About Salt & Wind Travel

Salt & Wind Travel is a boutique travel company for the discerning food and lifestyle traveler. The company was created in 2015 by Aida Mollenkamp and is run by her and travel-expert, Kristen Kellogg. From our travel tips and travel-inspired recipes to our trip planning services and curated boutique group trips, we help you taste the world.

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We believe traveling with a food focus makes for deeper, more meaningful experiences and more delicious memories. We’re driven by the idea that a great food travel experience can bring more joy to your life and have a positive impact on the local community and we want to help make that a reality for you. 

Our food expertise runs deep in a few specific locations — California, Hawaii, Mexico, Italy, and France. By working regularly in these locations, it means our recommendations are quality. Each destination is meticulously researched, each travel partner handpicked, and each activity personally planned.

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