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Apps To Keep You Healthy In Any Time Zone

Few things get us more excited than getting on the road, clocking miles, and making memories.

And few things get us more out of sorts than days-on-end with no real routine. What all our travels have taught us is that, even on the most active adventures, our bodies crave routine.

Fortunately, it’s not necessary to forgo healthy eating, workout, or meditation habits when you travel abroad‚ because there’s an app for that!

Here are 10 lifestyle apps that help us stay healthy, fit, and centered, regardless of the time zone.

Booya Fitness

Boutique studios are a fitness lover’s guilty pleasure, (Barry’s Bootcamp? Pure Barre, anyone?), but they’re hard to come by when abroad. Yes, it’s a major Champagne problem, but it’s real life. Luckily, Booya Fitness brings your favorite classes straight to you. And rest assured, the music is always on point!   

Class Pass

If working out IRL is more your thing, then check Class Pass. For a monthly fee, you can take up to 3 classes at any one studio (and there’s a huge variety of studios), so it’s especially good for the cross-trainers out there. We use it when we’re home here in Los Angeles on the regular and then search out classes in sister cities (from London to Toronto to Australia and tons of US cities) when we’re on the road.

My Fitness Pal

As a rule, we focus on eating whole foods and don’t calorie count (usually). But, that can all get thrown out of whack when you’re on day three of pasta tastings in Rome. This gem of an app is like your virtual fitness coach and can help track your fitness goals and your calories consumed all while taking into account life’s delicious adventures.   

Vida Health Coach 

If we had limitless funds and time, we’d have a personal trainer all day, every day. But having a trainer while on a cross-country road trip isn’t an option. To fill in the gaps during your trip, Vida provides one-on-one coaching. With weekly (or daily) chats, you can work towards maintaining your mental and physical health no matter where you are. 


Just missed your flight by minutes? Trust us, we’ve been there. Next time you’re faced with a travel hiccup, “Ohm” your way through it with the help of Calm’s guided meditation.


Whether you’re crisscrossing Milan for fashion week, surfing in Florianópolis, or eating at night markets in Taiwan, it’s important to stay centered. Carving out 10 minutes a day can feel like a chore, (yes, we know you have mimosas to sip) but it’s totally worth it to feel less frazzled while you’re on the go.

Sleep Bug 

Look, we’re not the type to work out on the road at the expense of living in the moment. And the biggest travel lesson we’ve learned? To value quality sleep above all else. Even if we’re in the nosiest room in the noisiest city—we count on being soothed to sleep with these relaxing sounds. From rain to waves, take your pick.

Sleep Cycle 

Sometimes the “getting to sleep part” isn’t the problem, but it’s the waking up on the wrong side of the bed that kicks your butt. The sleep cycle analyzes your sleep, (kinda creepy, but indulges us) and wakes you up in your lightest sleep phase. One reviewer compared it to a unicorn nuzzling your toes, so you should probably try it out immediately. 

Any other apps that you swear by when you travel? Let us know in the comments below!

Photo Credit: Opening photo by Jojo Jovanovic

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