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How to Not Look Like a Hot Mess at the Airport

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Ok, we’ll admit it. Dressing for the airplane isn’t rocket science. We reach for something comfy, and pray the AC on the plane is in-tune with our outfit choice.

We at Salt & Wind Travel decided that it was time to crack the code to a foolproof, travel-friendly outfit for long days at the airport. We nixed the leggings-sweatshirt combo because: A) it’s less than professional looking and B) is too often only used for the plane and then takes up precious baggage space for the rest of the trip.

What To Wear On The Airplane

So, whether you’re jetting off to warmer weather, traveling for business or kicking off an “Around the World in 80 Days”-esque trip, here are our Salt & Wind airport-approved pieces. Not only are they functional to layer, mix, and match, but also versatile enough to go from airplane to Airbnb, and everywhere in between.

Slip-On Sneaks

We fully pledge our allegiance to slip-ons at the airport because they handle TSA just as easily as they handle a full-fleged walking tour in Florence. Sneakers are a travel must and these guys are just polished enough to be comfy in transit yet transition to your go-to touristing shoes the minute you step off the plane.

Jogger Pants

Joggers or tailored sweats have become a must pack for us when we travel. They’re comfy enough for a mid-flight snooze yet polished enough to wear to dinner when you arrive at your destination. These are the ultimate travel pant for a wealth of reasons that go beyond just the airport, which is why we love them. The knotted detail ups the fancy-factor, which is an added bonus for usage during your trip.

Lightweight Scarf

We are never caught without a scarf at the airport because, hey! Too cold?? You’ve basically got a blanket wrapped around you. Flash forward to your trip and it works as an added layer or a cute accessory to tie onto your go-to travel bag. We always lean on neutral patterned ones that can pair with almost any outfit for added versatility on vacation.

Polished Sweatshirt

Sooner or later everyone falls victim to a holey-sweatshirt-at-the-airport situation and it’s just no good. Sure, we love worn in hoodies, but why schlub it up when there are so many options for polished sweatshirts! Ones like this from Sincerely Jules will do double duty offering comfort and style to your airplane outfit. What’s better is you can actually wear it on vacation when the temp drops in the evening. Can your old college sweatshirt do that??

Graphic Tee

A tried and true recipe for outfit success at the airport always includes a graphic tee. We love this one because it’s stylish enough to wear with high-waisted jeans or tucked into a skirt. Comfy cotton is a given and the neutral color means it’ll go with just about anything you pair it with. Tres Chic!

Leather Jacket

Leather jackets are almost always a component of our carry-on, but wear it at the airport and you’ve got an instantly more polished look. Luggage space is ever-so-precious so we recommend it atop your tee or sweatshirt for an added layer of warmth. It’ll be just as valuable on vacation atop any outfit you’re looking to build.

Packable Dress

When our flights get delayed or worse — cancelled — our outfit and our sanity suffers big time. Prepare for the worst by carrying an easy extra piece in your bag — this dress is ideal because it won’t wrinkle and goes great with that leather jacket you packed. Never mind it helps you if go seamlessly from plane to dinner without needing to pitstop at your hotel.

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