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Seven Tips To Travel Solo As A Woman (And Love It)

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Spontaneously catching a flight, savoring the last catch of the day, and living for just you are a few of the tantalizing reasons travelers choose to travel solo as woman.

It’s one thing attending a party solo, but forging into unfamiliar territory…completely different experience. If you haven’t traveled as a “party of one” then get ready for the challenge!

Stop for a moment­—can you think of a more exhilarating moment than when ink hits your passport? Those custom stamps are a thing of pride, but to experience that solo…not many can say they have. It’s funny, even when we’re traveling alone, though we’re surrounded by people, we still feel a vague sense of loneliness.

Seven Tips To Travel Solo As A Woman And Love It!

However, we’ve come to embrace those feels and wanted to share how you can satisfy your travel bug, solo, and love it! 

Indulge In A Tour 

No, we don’t mean a tour that swings past the Mona Lisa or Parthenon. That’s way too basic and we know full well you’re not a basic chick. Instead, go on a day or overnight tour to some obscure place you’ve never noticed on the map. (Did you know you can go on a tour in Rome at the “crypt of pelvises?”)

You’ll find that when you go off the beaten path you’ll have more enriching experiences, and the big perk here is you don’t have to compromise with your partner! And, if food and wine tours are your things, come join a Salt & Wind Travel adventure!

Get Cozy With Your Notebook 

We’re sure most of you carry a travel journal, but it’s definitely essential when you’re planning on adventuring alone. While abroad take inventory of your thoughts: Is it harder than you expected, or are you finally getting in the rhythm of venturing out on your own? Trust us when we say, you’ll be pleasantly surprised how much of a badass you actually are at this whole “wanderlusting alone” thing! 

“There’s An App For That”

If you’re like us, which we know you are, then you’re a tech junkie too. Check out Meetup or Travel Buddies. These two apps consistently enable us to reach out and find like-minded peeps who are on the search for a temporary travel BFF!

Good Vibes Only

“Smile and the world smile with you, cry and you cry alone.” There’s no way you’re going to attract conversation or a good time if you’re sporting a pout.

And honestly, putting your best foot forward is an empowering move that will snowball into a great time. So if you miss your ferry or feel overwhelmed, grab a drink and keep on trekking. 

Food For Thought

Enjoy a luxurious meal, people watch and bask in your alone time because you’re an independent woman who has a good time with her own thoughts. Not everyone takes a trip like this, so revel in it and post that IG selfie! 

Rent A Bike 

Grab a bike and hit the road! Your body will thank you for it, and those endorphins will leave you beaming. Enjoying a familiar activity, thousands of miles away, is how we tend to make ourselves confident and at home. Bonus points that it’s also one of our top sustainable travel tips.

Enjoy The Moment

Even though you’re surrounded by the masses, we know it can still get lonely. But get this, you may never get an opportunity so liberating. So, keep your chin up buttercups because when you radiate your cheery spirit only good times roll.

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