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Brunchelona: Our List Of Where To Brunch In Barcelona

Barcelona is chockfull of spots that our inner Sex And The City character would flock to on Sundays.

The brunch scene is Barcelona is so strong that it’s garnered its own nickname, “Brunchelona”, by foodies and locals.This city on the Med is doing our favorite weekend meal right and it’s high time we let you in on all of its delicious secrets.

On your next trip to Spain, (which, hey! we think should be with us) you’re gonna want to make sure you schedule in some time to sit back, relax, and enjoy some high quality eats. Barcelona has tapped into the brunching scene, and we are especially impressed by these spots that are leading the charge.

Here are our picks of where to brunch in Barcelona:

Flax & Kale

Your picky eater friend with a list of dietary restrictions longer than the line at Sagrada Familia? We’ve found her zen brunch spot. And, it’s complete with a rooftop garden terrace, no less. This spot topped our list of where to brunch in Barcelona because Teresa Carles, the whole-30, veggie-loving food guru, has taken the Spanish food scene by storm with her fresh take on Catalan classics. At her flagship flexitarian restaurant, Flax & Kale, Teresa elevates brunch faves like eggs benedict and pancakes with plant-based truffle hollandaise and housemade blueberry soy yogurt.

Oh, and a special shoutout to their acai bowl too, one that we believe could top the likes of our faves bowls back home in Los Angeles. Kudos to Teresa’s team for finding us a sunny spot to fit the brunch needs of any Salt & Wind traveler.


Tapas are to Barcelona as coffee is to New Yorkers, meaning, they’re practically pumping through Barcelonans’ veins, and tapas at brunch is no exception. For a unique approach to our fave morning meal, head to Picnic. Just a stroll from the Arc de Triomf and picturesque Parc de la Ciutadella, Picnic features a round up of shareable brunch classics, from PB and banana French toast to homemade gravlax with rye and crème fraîche. If you’re looking to go big, the Pulled Pork Chilaquiles at Picnic are a must.

Order a whole lot and share with friends over their delicious (and well priced!) mimosas, while you wonder why you haven’t ditched your job and moved to Barcelona already.


Pinhan is our dream, sun-drenched garden brunch, come to life in the center of bustling metropolitan Barcelona. A unique concept, Pinhan caters to Millenial brunchers in the ever-clever format of gourmet picnic brunches to-go. You can order brunch through their Whatsapp phone number, then pick up your meal and head to a spot in the expansive 3-acre El Turo park where Pinhan is located. Of course, you could always dine on their famed Turkish borek and egg dishes on the cafe patio, but we love the idea of a scenic picnic in the park.

The brunch basket at Pinhan includes a smorgasbord of pastries, salads, cheeses and jams with turkish coffee and Cava to wash it all down. And, because Barcelona does everything a little later including brunch, the baskets are available until 4:30 PM. Perfect for a romantic date, a special celebration, or just because you want to capitalize on Barcelona’s 210 days of sunshine year round. Regardless, Pinhan provides all the TLC that your outdoor picnic brunch needs!

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If Brooklyn and Austin were to meet for brunch in Barcelona, they’d probably drum up a restaurant akin to Caravelle. Feasting on slow-roasted BBQ pulled pork and eggs alongside craft beer and dirty chai lattes is simply a way of life for this Ravel neigborhood institution. With offerings of unique delicacies amongst familiar faves, Caravelle’s ricotta pancakes, Moroccan-style eggs, and breakfast tacos, all share the spotlight on this eclectic menu.

No less than a 5 minute walk from the esteemed Museu d’Art Contemporani de Barcelona, our rec is to take your weekend slow with a visit to the MACBA followed by a long and lazy brunch at Caravelle. It’s our idea of the perfect Sunday in Barcelona.


Ugot is on our roundup of where to brunch in Barcelona because it’s Alice in Wonderland-esque tea room adds a touch of whimsy to our morning. Tucked into an unassuming corner of the bustling Eixample district, this bruncherie’s sunny-d, flamingo wallpaper-adorned interior and vintage floral china practically begs for a feature on your Insta feed. Their eggplant and goat cheese shakshuka deserves one too, as does their rotating circus of pastries showcased near the register.

Pro tip? Table space is a-plenty at Ugot, so bring your laptop, or better yet-a good read, and post up here for a while.

Federal Cafe

Sometimes, it’s best to take a cue from the rest of Barcelona with the brunch recs, like in the case of Federal Cafe. A Brunchelona necessity with its roots planted in the Gothic Quarter, Federal has now spread its successful franchise to Madrid, Valencia, and Girona.

Their savory selections of baked eggs are always on our ordering short-list, and their breakfast burger is the cure for folks who are starved after a long night of dancing at the myriad of discotecas on the Barceloneta beach. Federal cafe’s bright dining room and outdoor patio is your Sunday morning medicine, we recommend you take it with their craft coffee and brunch offerings to enjoy.

Got any other recommendations for Sunday brunch in Barcelona? Let us know in the comments below!

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