Essential Tips Before Your Next California Road Trip

The question isn't whether you should plan a road trip when you travel to California but where you should go.

And just as important is how to road trip in style, so you make the most of your trip.

As a native Californian, I've clocked in quite a few miles road tripping across the Golden State. From weekend trips to ski Mammoth Mountain and early morning surf trips down to San Diego to Northern California wine country getaways and day trips up the coast, the Golden State has endless quality road trips.

California Road Trip Tips

When we help concierge clients traveling to California, we always suggest they add a couple of days of road tripping into their itinerary. Ever since the road trip really took off in the 1940s, California has been one of the most iconic road trip spots, and doing so adds a layer of adventure to your travels.

Whether hitting the road for a couple of days or crisscrossing the state over a week, these are the essential travel tips we pass along to our concierge clients before they road trip in California:

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Best California Road Trip Route

Yes, yes, we pretty much all have GPS on our phones and in most of our cars, but it's still a good idea to have a general idea of the route you're going to take before you hit the road. That way, you can be present and enjoy the drive instead of being a slave to your GPS. 

Avoid Any Major Traffic

One major thing to account for when you road trip in California? Traffic! If you're leaving from or traveling through any of our big cities, plan your driving so you can be on the road before or after rush hour. For adventure from skiing to hiking to surfing, I try to get on the road before sunrise, while I usually wait until midday to drive otherwise.

And Leave Plenty Of Time To Explore

The best part of a road trip is that you can make up your plans as you go along. Give yourself a lot of extra time so you can do just that. In general, I'd recommend doubling your day's drive time so that you can explore the small spots without stressing out. Also, I usually book a hotel room for each night of a road trip but don't plan much else to take my time going from point A to Z.

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Have A Road Trip-Ready Car

Yes, pretty much any functioning car can get you from A to Z but not every car is road trip ready! It's always a good idea to check your car's fluids and tires before your road trip, so you're ready to go, but my ideal road trip car makes the trip as enjoyable (and comfortable) as possible.

On a recent trip up California Highway 1, I drove the Buick Enclave Avenir and loved every mile. A mid-sized SUV like this means you have enough room for all your gear (be it luggage, tents, skis, or surfboards), and yet it's small enough to park in the crowded streets of most California cities.

The 4G LTE wifi capability kept us connected, and the Bose speakers meant we could listen to our favorite road trip tunes with abandon. The best part of traveling in California is how you can go from casual to refined with a day full of activity and end up at a luxe dinner. The combination of the road readiness and the luxury details (hello, gorgeous leather seats, and sunroof) of the car meant we could go from hiking Big Sur to dinner in Monterey without skipping a beat. 

Download A Playlist

To me, the best road trip is one done with a travel partner or two where you have a mix of chatting, carpool karaoke, some podcast listening (a few of my go-to's are My Favorite Murder, Radiolab, Against The Rules, and California Now podcast), and some quiet time. And when it comes to both podcasts and music playlists, I make sure to download before I drive. That way, no matter if I head in or out of a cell or wifi signal, I won't miss a beat!

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Take Advantage Of The Scenic Views

I gotta give it to the California road planners because they do an incredible job of ensuring tons of Scenic View stops along the roads. I've learned over the years to pull off even when it seems like there's not a view because oftentimes, the turnoff reveals a panorama you didn't even know was there!

And The Many California State National Parks

The California State Parks are also a great place to stop for all your social media needs. A few that I frequent when I road trip across California are Red Rock State Park, Hearst Pier (see above), Mount Tamalpais, Julia Pfeiffer Falls, and Garrapata (see below). 

View Of California Garrapata State Park Coastline

Check The Weather Forecast 

True, we generally have phenomenal weather here in California; even so, real weather does happen! Whether it's high winds, rain, or driving snow, we get the weather in almost every season, so be sure to check the forecast before you start driving. My go-to app for all things weather is Dark Sky because it aggregates many different forecasts and tends to be super accurate. 

And Check The Road Conditions

With that changing weather comes changing road conditions be it highway closures or the need for chains. Before you head out to drive for the day, head to the Caltrans website to check the conditions on the roads where you'll be driving. When I drive up into the Sierra to go skiing in the wintertime, I always carry extra supplies (including chains, water, antifreeze, and flares) because we'll often start without the need for chains and then find we need them by the time we hit the mountains!

Know The Local Road Rules

If you're not from California, know that we have quite a few road rules that can result in big tickets. Like most places these days, you can't talk on your phone while driving, nor can you drive under the influence or have an open container in your car. A few things that you might not know? Well, across the state, pedestrians have the right of way, so you must stop whenever someone enters the crosswalk. Also, you can't turn right on a red light in many areas, so be sure to make sure it's legal before you do so! Head to Visit California for even more California-specific road rules.

Shop, Stay And Eat Local

Here at Salt & Wind, we travel to eat, shop, and stay local. To us, there's no surer way to ensure that local charm stays intact like supporting local businesses. So whether it's staying at a boutique hotel, shopping at a locally-owned store, or buying directly from a farmers market, I encourage you to always look for ways to go local!

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