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How To Make Falafel With A Meat Grinder

Let’s start with the obvious: we’re really into Middle Eastern food around here.

Maybe it’s the similarity of the climate (and ergo ingredients) to California or the fact it’s pretty much always healthy and always delicious, but we’re all about it and more than anything, we’re about falafel.

Truth be told, we’re not that particular about falafel; yes, we 1000% appreciate really well made falafel but we’ll eat not-so-great versions because, heck, it’s fried chickpea goodness after all. But we caught word that the absolute, lightest, best, most superlative in each and every way falafel we’re made with a meat grinder and we had to give it a go.

Yup, you heard us right — a meat grinder — and, yes we were just as surprised to hear it. But then we weren’t because, what does a meat grinder do best? Evenly cut up ingredients and mix them together sans any smushing or mushing (ie what might happen in a food processor)!

Anyway, we were super into it trying it for ourselves and jumped at the chance for our latest edition of our Global Kitchen series with our friends at KitchenAid so head their way for the step-by-step and the full recipe!

How To Make Falafel With A Meat Grinder | @saltandwind

How To Make Falafel With A Meat Grinder | @saltandwindHow To Make Falafel With A Meat Grinder | @saltandwind

How To Make Falafel With A Meat Grinder | @saltandwindHow To Make Falafel With A Meat Grinder | @saltandwindHow To Make Falafel With A Meat Grinder | @saltandwind

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