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What Is The Best Time To Go To Positano Italy?

When dreaming of summer in Italy, candy-colored beach towns with sparkling turquoise water and orange umbrellas come to mind. And few places fulfill that fantasy better than Positano. If you’ve honed in on this Amalfi Coast town for your vacation, you may wonder when is the best time to go to Positano Italy? 

Positano is situated in the Southern Italian region of Campania, on the Sorrentine peninsula, not far from the bustling city of Naples. It is just one of the picturesque towns of the famed Amalfi Coast, but it gets a lot of attention because it’s among the most beautiful and vibrant. It’s a touch larger than tiny Amalfi yet quainter than Sorrento, making it an ideal seaside spot for exploring on foot. 

Best Time To Go To Positano Italy
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Positano is a popular destination (made even more famous by TikTok), so it gets crowded and overrun in peak season. Throughout the Amalfi Coast, the summer crowds can get so intense that you may have wished you had gone elsewhere. No one wants to feel regret when planning the vacation of a lifetime, so I’m remedying that by sharing the best time to go to Positano Italy. 

The Amalfi Coast towns have been some of my favorite Italian destinations since I first visited over 20 years ago. During my 12 years living in Italy, I traveled regularly to Positano. Once I discovered the area had so much more than meets the eye (ahem, stunning gardens, wine tasting, legendary hiking), I found excuses to visit nearly every month of the year. Since then, I have provided Italy trip planning services for travelers looking to experience the best of the Amalfi Coast.

Best Restaurants In Positano Italy

When Is The Best Time To To To Positano Italy?

If you’ve decided to travel to Positano, you’re likely wondering when the best time to visit is. Every season has pluses and minuses, so some may say, “It depends.” The draw for most is the sparkling Tyrrhenian sea and the beach culture, and that’s best experienced in the summer; however, this is when it’s busiest. 

The tourism season generally opens after Easter and runs through early fall. Many hotels, restaurants, boutiques, and beach clubs are seasonal, so you’ll find a lot closed if you visit outside those months. If we had our pick, we’d say a great time to visit Positano is from early May to early June or September. Here are the pros and cons of each season:

Spring (March, April, May)

To me, late spring is the best time to go to Positano, Italy. For one, money goes further, with hotels offering some of their lowest rates. Second, the lack of tourists means you can enjoy everything without waiting in lines. Additionally, Italians come out of hiding as the temperatures warm, making it an excellent time to mingle with the locals.

I first visited the Amalfi Coast over Easter weekend. I stayed in the small town of Massa Lubrense and attended the Easter processional. Seeing the whole village turn up in the evening, holding candles and throwing palm fronds before the effigy of a cross carried on the backs of local citizens was magical and an experience I won’t soon forget. As a bonus, the jasmine blooms in April, so while it’s not super warm, you can still enjoy the beautiful sights and sounds.

Summer Months (June, July, August)

Summer is Positano’s peak season. The Amalfi Coast comes alive, celebrities visit, beach parties abound, and nonstop events, concerts, and festivals exist. The best hotels — say, Le Sirenuse or Il San Pietro di Positano — will cost a premium. 

During this time, you must plan experiences months ahead, whether a guided tour of the hiking trails or a private boat to Capri Island. We book our travel clients‘ activities at least 60 days out this time of year. 

Do your best to avoid August at all costs. It’s hectic thanks to the one-two punch of international visitors and locals on summer break. Prices soar, the heat is stifling, transportation is crowded, lines are long, and restaurants are booked solid. This month, you will pay triple for everything from accommodation to food, and there won’t be any open spots on the beach. 

Positano Italy Shops

Fall And Start Of Low Season (September to Mid-October)  

We used to see fewer crowds in the fall, but more and more visitors are traveling to Positano in September and October.

Traveling to Positano in the fall is risky because the season may end before you arrive. All the tourist services, from boats and beach clubs to smaller hotels and restaurants, close around the end of September to mid-October, but it’s never on a specific date.

Also, while some years may have good weather with lovely sunny days, other times, numerous storms can stop all water activities (including ferry services) in their tracks. 

Winter (November, December, January, February, March)

You’ll want to reconsider visiting Positano in the winter because it is the off-season, and much of the Amalfi Coast will be shut down. As a result, you won’t be able to experience everything Positano has to offer or even be able to take a ferry.

 If you’re okay with a low-key visit, you can still enjoy Positano in the winter. However, plan on gray walks around town (it’s the rainy season, with rainfall almost daily). A few restaurants, the pharmacy, and coffee shops will be open for locals, but not much else. 

How To Get To Positano

Here’s how to get to Positano, whether you are on a day trip from Naples or Sorrento or staying a few nights. 

By Airplane

The easiest way to get to Positano is to fly into the regional capital of Naples. Capodichino International Airport, or take a train to the central station, Napoli Centrale. You then have a few options from Naples to Positano, including bus, ferry, and private driver.

The newly remodeled Salerno airport is closer to Positano than Naples and is set to open for inter-Europe flights in July 2024. Previously, this airport was mainly for cargo, but an updated runway means it can now accept commercial flights. The only commercial flights currently available are between Salerno and Spain, so Naples will still be your best bet for the time being.

By Ferry

To travel by ferry from Naples, you’ll head to the main port, Porto Napoli. There isn’t a direct ferry from  Naples to Positano, but you can still get there quickly enough. You’ll take the ferry to Sorrento or Salerno, then to Positano, and it will take about an hour and a half. FYI, it’s a tie for us if ferry or car service is the best way to get to Positano. 

By Train

You can attempt a train and bus combo or a direct shuttle, but it is a bit hectic. Positano doesn’t have a train station, so you’ll take the Circumvesuviana train line from Napoli Centrale to Sorrento or Salerno and hop a bus or ferry to Positano.

FYI, some companies offer a shuttle directly to the Amalfi coast from the airport or train station in Naples. If you opt for this option, read reviews beforehand, as some services are better than others, and be sure to book ahead in the high season.

By Bus 

If traveling by water is not your thing, you can also take a SITA bus from Naples Centrale to Sorrento or Salerno and then onward to Positano. Be warned that these routes are WINDING, and traffic can keep you stuck on small, cliff-hanging roads for hours. The drive without traffic will take at least an hour and a half. 

By Rental Car

You can technically drive yourself, but I wouldn’t recommend it for the faint of heart (also, there are times when it is not legal for anyone but locals to drive in this area). If you will attempt it, read about driving in Italy first.

Remember that the roads are small; there are often detours, traffic, and other surprises. For example, when driving from Florence to Amalfi, I once got stuck behind a bus that had taken a turn incorrectly. The bus blocked both lanes of traffic while its back end perched precariously off the edge of a cliff. It took over three hours for them to tow away the bus before we could continue our journey. 

By Private Car Service

The easiest way to get from Naples to the Amalfi Coast is to hire a private driver. Then you can sit back, relax, and take in the scenery. Be sure to contact us if you need help finding the perfect driver for your transfer to the Amalfi Coast.

Positano Italy Beach

Other Things To Consider When Planning A Trip To Positano

Here are other things to weigh when deciding the best time to go to Positano, Italy: 

How Long To Stay

One look at our Positano travel guide and you’ll notice much to do in this small town. From soaking up the sun at Fornillo beach to going on a boat ride to see the fantastic view, having drinks at alfresco spots like Franco’s bar, or a day trip to the island of Capri or the gardens of Villa Cimbrone, you can experience nature, culture, history, and fun in just a few days.

Our clients spend an average of three nights in Positano before staying elsewhere in the area, like the islands in the Gulf of Naples or the city of Naples. 


Part of the joy of being on the Amalfi coast is quickly accessing other towns like Praiano, Amalfi, and the island of Capri via the ferry service. The ferries generally run with the most hours and reliable service from May to October.

If you’ll be there outside of these months, I recommend hiring a driver to avoid any issues. Weather permitting, I would also recommend a private boat tour to experience more of the coast.

Local Food

One dive into Naples Italy foods shows that the ingredients and foods from this region are legendary, extending to Positano’s food. Plan to visit between May and September to experience fresh-caught fish, homemade pasta, and lemon.

Though Positano is not that big, you can find many dining options, be it a Michelin-starred restaurant, a local pizzeria, or one of the best restaurants in Positano, Italy, with a few. If you’re like me, and food is high on your “must-do” list while visiting, check out my article on the top 5 places to eat in Positano with a killer view.

Beach Clubs

Many of this area’s most beautiful beaches are home to the best beach clubs, bagni. These beach establishments provide a chair or lounge chair plus an umbrella, allowing you to come and go from your designated spot all day.

Some also have showers, changing rooms, a restaurant, and a lifeguard. The beach clubs are generally open when the weather is perfect (say, from May to October). 


In general, weather is a consideration. While Positano is in Southern Italy, it still has four seasons. Average winter temperatures are in the low to mid-50s, spring is in the mid to low 60s, and then it gets boiling in high summer, with temperatures between 80 and 90 from June through August.

Remember that the mid-90s in Italy feel more like the hundreds because of the humidity and the lack of AC, so you’ll want to account for it in your travel plans. If you hate heat and crowds, plan to visit Positano during the shoulder season, like in May or late September.

Frequently Asked Questions

The best time to visit Positano is during the late spring (May to June) and early fall (September to October). These months offer pleasant weather with warm temperatures and fewer crowds than the peak summer season.

Spring sees the Amalfi Coast blooming with flowers, while early fall offers milder temperatures and the sea is still warm enough for swimming.

During the peak tourist season, from July through August, Positano experiences hot, sunny weather, with temperatures often climbing above 30°C (86°F). The town becomes quite busy, as this is a popular time for tourists, especially Europeans on holiday.

While the warm weather is ideal for beach activities and water sports, visitors should be prepared for crowded beaches and attractions.

Yes, Positano hosts several cultural and festive events throughout the year that visitors may want to experience. One of the highlights is the Feast of San Pietro (St. Peter) on June 29th, which includes a grand procession of boats and a stunning fireworks display.

Another notable event is the Positano Premia la Danza in late August, an international dance festival that attracts performers from around the world.

Amalfi Coast Wineries

Get To Know The Amalfi Coast Wineries

If you love food and wine, you’ll want to make sure you also check out the Amalfi Coast wineries while on your trip. From the historic Cantine Apicella to FloraMi’s wines grown at the base of Mount Vesuvius and wineries with sweeping views, there are unique wineries here that are worth a visit.

Have Us Plan Your Italy Trip

Looking for help planning your dream trip to Positano or anywhere else in Italy? Consider booking a consultation call with Salt & Wind to access our local guides, local insight, and unforgettable travel recommendations.

Photo Credit: Opening photo by TravnikovStudio; store by Daniel Mendes Domingues ; ferry at pier photo by Boris-B; Positano beach by Natalia Barsukova

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