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Travel Therapy: Nine Ways To Pamper Yourself On The Go

Sorry” has been on repeat since Lemonade first dropped, and if Queen Bey has taught us anything this year, it’s to put ourselves first, without apology.

And we’re extending that mindset even when we’re on the go. Traveling is in our DNA, but even the best adventure wears us down, so now we’re out to pamper ourselves.

The more miles we clock, the more we realize the importance of caring for ourselves, even in the smallest of ways. Since we’re not in college anymore, we can afford to budget a little splurge for our travels so that we indulge in a few treats. Need some justification? Well, the way we see it, they’re not just extras but necessities.

Pamper Your Peepers

When jetting from place to place, losing a few (or a ton) of zzzs is standard. That’s why we’re all about the Wilma Schuman Hydrating Collagen Eye Pads. These miracle workers leave us feeling fresh and seem to erase any sign of exhaustion, be it wrinkles, puffiness, or unsightly dark circles.

Shower Yourself In Aromatherapy

After a long day of exploration in a new place, there’s nothing more delicious than a hot steamy shower, except when said steamy shower has an aromatic shower bomb! Juniper Earth’s decadent array of locally sourced soaps is a fun and relaxing addition to any vacay.

Get Glossy

Sometimes we need a little pick-me-up. You know those moments when you don’t think your pout can handle another kissable layer of Nars? Go to a boutique and grab a new gloss or even a floral-infused perfume. Just because you’re traveling light doesn’t mean you should get stuck in a beauty rut.

Overnight Sleeping Mask

Around here, we have a major love for facial masks because they work wonders for your skin after a long flight. For overnight therapy, Dr. Jart+ Fuse Water Max Sleeping Mask is a gift from the travel gods. Swipe it on before you head to bed and wake up looking like you had a full-on spa day.

Speaking Of, Sleep In

Sometimes the simplest things are the most indulgent, and totally turning off your alarm may be the best way to indulge while away from home. So go without a wake-up call because there’s nothing quite like the sleep you get when you’re alarm and your to-do list are left behind.

Schedule A Spa Day

Spa time is one of the things we’ve found more and more essential the more we travel. After a 14 hours flight, there’s nothing like a good massage or a full-on facial. So we treat ourselves to treatment on almost every trip. And for those adventures where there’s no spa in sight? That’s when we take an extra day off work and do a spa day back home. 

Get It Giftwrapped

The last time we were in Capri, we went all out on gifts for our best gal pals. But all those gorgeously gift-wrapped treats with their tufts of tissue paper made the US want a little something-something too. So we now budget time (and $) to get a gift for ourselves—and ask the clerk to wrap it up with all the frills because you deserve the bells and whistles too. 

Indulge In The Add-Ins

Do you know those delicious juice bars where it’s an extra $2.50 for the antioxidant-rich, age-defying, guaranteed-to-have-better-skin-than-Reese-Witherspoon ingredient? Vacation is the time to go for it. There’s nothing like those little health splurges to make your day that more delicious.


It’s time to reset and live in the now. So, at least one day you’re away, challenge yourself to turn off your phone and enjoy your surroundings. Because, honestly, once you stop trying to capture every last thing on your Instagram story, your trip will finally become a true vacation.

Photo Credit: Opening photo by Kelly Knox

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