24 Hour Itinerary Paris, France

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After falling in love with a Frenchmen and moving to Paris on a whim, Lindsey Tramuta -- author of the wonderfully captivating blog Lost in Cheeseland -- has spent the last 8 years uncovering the city's hidden gems, which she shares in her One Perfect Day Paris. 

What isn’t great about Paris? Pick any street to stroll and it whiffs of history. The city has endless stories and despite its museum-like veneer in most places, it’s a city in motion. There’s a reason artists, creatives, and dreamers have flocked here for centuries. It offers an awakening and edifying self-awareness that few other places deliver, and for me, it’s home.

It’s the backdrop to some of the most exceptional opportunities, personally and professionally, and ultimately where I discovered who I was as a person. Now that I’ve become a French citizen, the city takes on even greater importance in my sense of self.