From the best travel luggage to products we'd hop a flight to buy and the items we wish our friends would bring back from their latest travels, these are the best travel-inspired shopping items out there.
Salt & Wind Oahu Makers |

Salt & Wind Oahu Makers

This week Salt & Wind is heading west to Hawaii with some of our favorite fellow travelers. We’re well aware that might only cause vacation envy for a few of you. To help alleviate that, we’re recreating the trip in the form of a giveaway that includes a few nights at some of our favorite hotels as well as products from some amazing local Oahu producers.

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Mari Jamadi Shares What To Pack For Hawaii |

Mari Jamadi Shares What To Pack For Hawaii

When it comes to travel, packing separates the women from the gals. There are those who look as stylish on the road as they do at home and those ladies? They give us major style envy. So, we're asking them to give us a look inside their luggage to see what they take where. And we're starting with the Mari (aka Nomadic Habit).

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Bringing The Beach Home |

Bringing The Beach Home

There is something about the beach that evokes ultimate relaxation vibes. Warm breezes, gold-filtered light and a sense of slowing down without a care in the world — well, except for finishing that magazine and icy drink before sundown. We think everyone deserves a little coastal comfort year round so we’re bringing that calm inland!

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Our 10 Fave Carry-On Essentials |

Our 10 Fave Carry-On Essentials

It's our one month-iversary here at Salt & Wind so we decided to celebrate with a giveaway of our favorite travel essentials! Click through to check it out and for how to enter. 

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What To Pack For New Year’s Eve in the Caribbean |

What To Pack For New Year’s Eve in the Caribbean

It could happen, right? You could find yourself packing for a last-minute trip to some place warm, like Antigua. Oh, but what will you wear? (A girl can dream….)

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What To Pack For Holiday Cocktails In New York |

What To Pack For Holiday Cocktails In New York

The mood is festive, the dress is sultry, the place is classy—it’s a date! The only question: what to wear? 

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Essential Morocco Gift Guide |

Essential Morocco Gift Guide

 Go ahead, get a little exotic with your gift giving this year.

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What To Pack For Fall In New England |

What To Pack For Fall In New England

You already know New England is gorgeous in November, when the leaves turn golden and the air smells like Fall. What you may not know is that the stretch between that and the first snow can be the best time to go—no crowds, eerily beautiful bare-branch landscapes, and bargain prices on the cutest little inns you’ll ever see.

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Channeling Cuba Style |

Channeling Cuba Style

Mojitos. Classic cars. Buena Vista Social Club. Up until a few days ago, that was pretty much the extent of my knowledge of Cuba. It's a place so often described as "stuck in time" that it seems cliche, but just a few days here and I can attest it's such an intriguing mix of old and now.

I'm curr...

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Chic But Easy Travel Style |

Chic But Easy Travel Style

It happens - you get travel-itis - it's like senioritis in travel form and when it hits, it hits bad. If you're like us, then traveling and everything that comes with it gets you going. Speaking of going, here are the things we want to take with on our next trip:

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Madre Chocolate |

Madre Chocolate

Madre Chocolate is but one year old yet they've made an impact in that short time, and, with good measure, as they're the only bean-to-bar artisanal chocolate shop in the state of Hawaii. They couldn't be more uniquely located because Hawaii is the only one of the 50 states where cacao is current...

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Channeling South Beach Miami Style |

Channeling South Beach Miami Style

With the days bringing us so close to spring, I can't help but let my thoughts wander to brighter, sunnier things to come. My upcoming trip to attend the South Beach Food & Wine Festival in Miami Beach is the perfect excuse to indulge in a little wishful thinking. The resort city has a retro-...

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