How To Win At Sunday Brunch: Asparagus Souffled Omelet With Charred Jalapeno Sauce

Call us traditionalists but it's just not quite brunch until eggs are involved. Poached, fried, frittata-d, we're pretty much all about it so long as eggs are present. But this Spring our latest egg obsession has quickly become a souffled omelet, which is why we're sharing the recipe with our friends over at KitchenAid.

Souffled Omelet Recipe

Maybe because the words "souffled" make people turn all deer-in-headlights in the kitchen or maybe because it's simply not well known, but the Souffled Omelet is hard to come across. Just like it sounds you add egg whites to an otherwise traditional omelet and then throw it in the oven so it souffles. So it's not as hard as a traditional souffle but every bit as impressive. Which is why we're 100% about it for Mother's Day this Sunday. And, since our recipe easily serves two, you can make it for Mom and some for you too! 

Head over to KitchenAid for all the intel on how to make it include step-by-step instructions so it comes out perfect everytime! Serve it with a simple green salad (maybe some arugula and aged balsamic and Spring peas) and some bubbly rose, and it's pretty much the perfect way to toast Mom! 

Souffled Omelet Recipe

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