About Salt & Wind

Lake Como Photo by Christine Davis @saltandwind

Welcome to Salt & Wind!

We're a food travel lifestyle company created by food and travel expert, Aida Mollenkamp. The company launched in December 2014 with this online food and travel magazine, Salt & Wind, and, as of 2017, we grew to include a our boutique travel arm, Salt & Wind Travel. Online or IRL, we're here to help you taste the world!


The reason we do what we do? Simple: we want to taste the world! To us, that means traveling in search of the most delicious foods a place has to offer, uncovering the most unique businesses and makers, and finding the spots where the locals hang. And when we're home? We cook dreaming of the dishes we'll eat on our next adventures. 

If we're going to be hanging out, we think there are a few things you should know about us. Here at Salt & Wind we have a mantra that we follow no matter if we're at home or on the road: 

  • We like to spend time in the unique neighborhoods that make a place special
  • We think local, even when we're traveling the globe so we do our best to highlight independent makers
  • We believe in seasonal eating and cooking real food so, sorry, but no deep-fried candy bars here
  • When we're home, we love cooking recipes inspired by our favorite food destinations
  • We like to stay active so we're always looking where to workout or walk when we're on the road
  • We believe cocktail hour, shopping, and good coffee are our god-given rights


Salt & Wind Travel is a one-of-a-kind boutique travel company. We offer travel services ranging from itinerary planning to private concierge services. But our most favorite thing? Our small (as in max 16 people) group trips to our favorite food destinations. We travel to the places that share the values we love in our homestate of California — an unique sense of identity, a fierce indie vibe, a love for the outdoors, and an even bigger love for food and drink. 

As of 2018, we'll be traveling to our favorite food destinations including our homestate of California, south of the border to Baja California, out west to Oahu, and across the pond to Italy and Spain. Head to Salt & Wind Travel for more info!


To work with us on Salt & Wind Travel, be it as a guide, agent, vendor, or partner, write us at travel [at] saltandwind [dot] com.

The online magazine, Salt & Wind, is built for and by a community of food and travel lovers. We're always looking for amazing photographers, writers, and recipe developers—to pitch us, please review our Editorial Guidelines then reach out to us at edit [at] saltandwind [dot] com.

If you want to work with us, with Aida directly, or talk to our team, check our Work With Us page. 

Photos by Christine Davis