Aida Mollenkamp

Aida Mollenkamp

Aida is a food and travel expert, on-camera host, author, and the founder of Salt & Wind and Salt & Wind Travel. She's a California native who has always had a global perspective in her cooking and in life. Over the years, she has visited more than 35 countries and 35 states and has lived in Europe and across the United States. She is on a mission to help food lovers taste the world.

Coffee Salted Caramel Sauce |

Coffee Salted Caramel Sauce

A twist on a classic Salted Caramel Sauce recipe made by adding in coffee for an unexpected kick. 
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{Citron Pressé} Lavender French Lemonade |

{Citron Pressé} Lavender French Lemonade

This classic French cafe drink is just lemon juice, sugar, and water, but the way I like it best is infused with tons of lavender.
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Avignon to Lyon: A Week Along The Rhône River |

Avignon to Lyon: A Week Along The Rhône River

My first experience on a river cruise was from Arles to Lyon along the Rhône River and I couldn't have loved it more.
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Peach Melba Coconut Cream Sodas |

Peach Melba Coconut Cream Sodas

When the weather hits the triple digits, we've got necessities: coconut water, a legit hat, sunnies -- we pretty much can't bear it without them. But then there are the not-so-necess...
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Mexican Corn Panzanella Salad |

Mexican Corn Panzanella Salad

Like a fresher, healthier take on classic corn elote meets panzanella, this recipe is one of our all time favorite summer salads.
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Passionfruit Mojito Cocktail |

Passionfruit Mojito Cocktail

I'm not sure how it took so long for me to have my first Passionfruit Mojito. I've long made Passionfruit margaritas and often travel to places that have tons of the fruit but I never had the cockt...
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Painkiller Cocktail Popsicles |

Painkiller Cocktail Popsicles

Where do you go when you need to escape? No luggage, no tickets—just you and your daydreams? I dream of snorkeling in Trunk Bay with a side of these Painkiller Cocktail popsicles!
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{Aguachile Verde} Chile Lime Marinated Shrimp |

{Aguachile Verde} Chile Lime Marinated Shrimp

On my last trip to Tijuana I stopped and tried every Aguachile I came across. On our second day, we started out at the Mariscos El Paisa street stand to get a taste of Sinaloan aguachile ...
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Red Pepper Ricotta Zucchini Lasagna |

Red Pepper Ricotta Zucchini Lasagna

Layers of zucchini, red pepper sauce, and whipped ricotta—this is how we do lasagna when it's too hot to cook.
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Watermelon, Tomato, and Feta Farro Salad |

Watermelon, Tomato, and Feta Farro Salad

A healthy recipe for a traditional twist on watermelon feta salad made with tomato, farro, and tons of arugula. 
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