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What To Eat

A rundown of the must-eat super classic local foods from some of our favorite food places on earth from Italy to California.

Christine Davis

24 Hour Itinerary: Milan, Italy With Christine Davis

Milan doesn’t always get the attention of the other major Italian cities but photographer Christine Davis proves that it’s worth a second look. Her swoon-worthy photos had us dying to know where she’d go on her One Perfect Day in Milan.

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Sean Timberlake

Local Food: What To Eat In Romagna, Italy

When it comes to the Italian region of Emilia-Romanga, Emilia is way better known, which is a shame because Romagna has a culinary culture all its own that’s well worth exploring. Here are 10 classic foods from Romagna that you may not know but should seek out next time you’re in Italy.

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Katie Parla

24 Hour Itinerary: Rome, Italy With Katie Parla

If you watched the Rome episode of Off Menu, then you’re familiar with Katie Parla. The food expert, Roman resident, and author of just-released book, Tasting Rome loves everything Rome and celebrates it through her work. So we were dying to know what she’d do on her One Perfect Day in the Eternal City. 

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