Our Favorite Pins | Holiday Cocktail Party

Is there anything quite like a cocktail party during the holiday season? Don't get us wrong, we love cocktail parties always—it's just that this time of year inspires a little more glitz and a bit more glam, a few dashes of over-the-top and good cause for an extra case of the good stuff. And do the holiday lights ever glitter more brightly than when viewed through a bubbling champagne coupe? Yes, clearly we're in the mood to plan the event of the season, and this week's favorite pin picks are helping bring us a healthy dose of holiday cheer!

Favorite Pins – Holiday Cocktail Party – Bar Tray | saltandwind.com #saltandwind

Favorite Pins – Holiday Party – Amarena Cherry Winter Sangria | saltandwind.com #saltandwind

Favorite Pins – Holiday Cocktail Party – Pomegranate Rosemary Cocktail | saltandwind.com #saltandwind

 Favorite Pins – Holiday Party – Champagne | saltandwind.com #saltandwind

From top to bottom, this week's favorite pins are:

  1. Cocktail Dress
  2. Bar Tray
  3. Amarena Cherry Winter Sangria
  4. Pom Spritzer
  5. Champagne

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Raise your hand if you’re as into Pinterest as we are. Well, then lets share our finds — each week we’ll show you our top 5 favorite pins of the week if you show us yours!