15+ post-Thanksgiving recipes that are better than a Black Friday deal

Thanksgiving deserves another day — it’s as simple as that.  We spend all that time cooking, and then it’s over, everyone’s got plates piled high, gathered around the TV, settled in for a mealtime marathon. As it happens, we have a solution and a lure: Turn the weekend after into its own occasion, one focused not on shopping but on lounging. Oh, and eggnog. Because this weekend happens to be the perfect day to get started on a batch of “aged” eggnog, and to re-gather your crew for leftovers and more together time.

Never heard of aged eggnog? Well, now you have, and now things won’t be the same come mid-December in your house. After 14 days in the fridge, this eggnog takes on a perfect smoothness, the sweetness mellows out, and the alcohol softens (a little). It’s just the thing to toast the holidays with, and it’s the perfect excuse for a Black Friday leftovers party. That’s exactly what goes on in Aida Mollenkamp’s house: Our editor in chief has made it an annual event, throwing in the Black Friday towel, reclaiming the kitchen, and bringing her family back to feast on second, third and fourth helpings of leftovers — revamped in their own delicious, but easy ways.

Get a head start on Christmas and mix up some Aged Eggnog 

Or start a fire and mix up some Smoky Whiskey Apple Cider

But if you have leftover cranberry sauce, you'll want to make this Cranberry Sauce Dark & Stormy - from This Mess Is Ours

Turkey Cranberry Waldorf Salad Recipe | @saltandwind

Lighten things up and make this healthy-ish Turkey Cranberry Waldorf Salad 

Ditch the leftover turkey sandwiches and try this Turkey Tortilla Soup 

Opt out of takeout and instead try this homemade Turkey Pho — from Food 52

Embrace the comfort food with this Turkey Hash  — from Boulder Locavore

Get your noodles on with this Turkey Pad See Ew — from Chowhound

Queue up Netflix and snack on this Coconut Kettle Corn 

Use up cranberry sauce in this Cranberry Brie Grilled Cheese — from Joy the Baker

If you can't stop, won't stop with Brussels, make this Brussels Sprouts Grilled Cheese — from Heather Christo

Right (almost) any wrongs (and fight off illness) with this Citrus Coconut Electrolyte Drink

Tailgate in your own living room and mix up a batch of this Sweet Potato Black Bean Chili

Use up leftover pumpkin puree in these Apple Cinnamon Pumpkin Muffins

Or in this Pumpkin Spice Oatmeal Smoothie

And use up leftover pecans in these Buttered Pecan — from Joy The Baker

Embrace the ridiculous eating fest and make Pumpkin Pie Breakfast Casserole — from Oh She Glows

Which naturally should be serve with Stuffing Waffles — from Serious Eats

Speaking of breakfast, these Mashed Potato Pancakes are a must

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Opening photo by Kevin Gilgan