Did You Hear? Our Travel Planning Services Are Back!

If you’re reading this, odds are, you’re a food and travel lover. The kind of person who dreams about dining on a Chef’s Table-worthy pasta against a jaw-dropping view.

Someone whose idea of vacation is one that includes digging into a local culture, exploring the world in pursuit of incredible food, meeting creatives, and making memories that go way beyond an Insta story. 

Our Background In Travel Planning

You may know that Salt & Wind Travel has been dishing out expert tips on all things food and travel for more than 5 years. You might even know that our founder Aida Mollenkamp has been doing the same for over a decade from her work as a Food Network personality, a cookbook author, and an avid food and travel lover. 

But did you know we have a full travel planning arm to the company as well? As in we have a team of trip planners who provide concierge services and who curate boutique food travel adventures in California, Italy, Mexico, Spain, Hawaii, and France? 

Salt & Wind Travel Food And Travel Expertise

Bottom line is that Salt & Wind has everything you need to discover the most delicious corners of the world. Yes, there are tons of guides and travel tips but we go way beyond that to actually help you plan your trips. Each member of Team Salt & Wind specializes in an area where we travel (California, Hawaii, France, Italy, Mexico, Spain) and, thanks to our team's endless adventures, we’re in with the locals from boutique hoteliers and taco truck owners to art gallery owners and even award-winning mixologists.

As of 2017, we figured, why not share all of this with you the best way we know how: experiencing it together! You can, of course, join one of our boutique group travel vacays with our team and lots of like-minded food lovers. And if the timing just doesn’t work with your schedule you can hit up our concierge desk to tap into our expertise.

Our Concierge Travel Planning Services

Tbh, travel can be stressful, but it never should be! That’s where our expert trip planners come to the rescue. Our team is passionate about making your vacation seamless and 100% stress-free. We can assist you with will all your trip planning -- be it the research, scheduling, or planning — so you can just show up and enjoy the adventure.

If you’ve got the majority of your trip figured out but are having a hard time booking a few exclusive event tickets or hard-to-snag reservations, well, we can help there too!

You Get Insider Access Via Our Connections

Oh, and a major bonus?  All that networking we’ve done over the years translates to hefty discount on hotels, restaurants, and events that we pass on to you. That means you actually save money when you work with us!

Our team of trip planners has helped guests plan all sorts of getaways from honeymoons and anniversary trips to family reunions and girls weekends, and we’d love to help you plan your next trip.

Watch our video below then head here to learn more about our travel planning services and how we can share our tips for your next trip!


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