How To Make A Handcrafted Italian Soda Bar For Your Next Party

One party trend we're always onboard for? Self-serve anything. Be it for ice cream, cocktails, or these handcrafted Italian sodas. And, since we've got big love for Italy (just see our Italy trips for proof!), we are always game for a handcrafted Italan Soda Bar. 

Yes, there's a lot of speculation as to where Italian Soda came from (Milan? Jersey Shore? your guess is as good as ours), but we know we love them. These are real deal Italian style with flavored simple syrup and quality sparkling water and any garnishes you want. Though these sodas are traditionally a summer thing, we've started making more seasonal flavors for other times of year and are including them in this year's holiday planning!

Here's how to make a handcrafted Italian soda bar happen at your next party. 

How To Make A Handcrafted Italian Soda Bar @saltandwind


First things first, you'll want to designate an area in your party space that's soda central. If you have a bar cart, this is the time to use it. Otherwise, a great counterspace or a side table work great too. (Note: If you have little ones involved and weather permits, you might want to do this outside so they don't spill syrup or whipped cream on your floor!)

How To Make A Handcrafted Italian Soda Bar | @saltandwind


Next set your handcrafted Italian soda bar up with everything you'll need. The simplest form of Italian soda is basically a homemade soda in that it's simply flavored syrup mixed with ice and soda water. You can also mix in a little cream to make it more decadent. So, at the very least have some flavored syrups (we like the ones by Torani), some ice, some club soda, and some heavy cream. Of course, if you have a mostly adult party, you might want to include some alcohol (we like using rum, tequila, or Campari) to spike it. 

How To Make A Handcrafted Italian Soda Bar | @saltandwind


When stocking your handcrafted Italian soda bar, make sure to include a few garnish options. For summery berry sodas, that coudl simply be some mint and fresh berries. During the holiday season, we like to include cinnamon sticks, sugared cranberries, dried orange slices, and whipped cream. 

How To Make A Handcrafted Italian Soda Bar | @saltandwind


Instead of having your guests do all the guesswork, go ahead and set up for a few specific sodas. Generally, you can make a basic handcrafted Italian soda by mixing 1 to 2 pumps of the Torani syrup with 1 cup of club soda, but we like making specific ones like this Cinnamon-Spiced Cranberry Soda or this Rum-Spiked Eggnog Soda

How To Make A Handcrafted Italian Soda Bar | @saltandwind


The idea should be to let guests enjoy themselves with the handcrafted Italian soda bar so encourage them to create away. You can give them specific recipes, the general rule of thumb (2 pumps to 1 cups of soda water), and then let them DIY! Happy soda making!

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