Friends Who Fete: The Travel Lover's Bridal Shower

How do you throw a Bridal Shower for the travel lover in your life?

Bring her favorite destination to her! For this latest friend Who Fete party, my fellow "Feters" — Kate of ¡Hola Jalapeno! and Meg of This Mess Is Ours — did just that. As a post elopement celebration, the ladies threw me a belated Bridal Shower inspired by a place high on my bucket list: Morocco!

Yes, yes, I know, it's not okay with many a wedding etiquette guru to throw a bridal shower for a bride who eloped. But, the reality is, this isn't the 19th century and I didn't elope to run away and marry in secret. I eloped because we're kinda spontaneous people and we decided very last minute to make our marriage official. (You can read all about my elopement here, btw.)

Anyway, elopement or not, this shower is pretty perfect for anyone who loves far-off places and is constantly daydreaming of her next getaway. That's why the girls settled on a full-on wanderlust Bridal Shower with decor, food, and every last detail having a thoroughly global vibe!


As a travel lover, my bucket list has way more to do with where I want to go next than a bridal registry. And ever since I lived in the North African-dominated neighborhood of Paris, Morocco has long been on said list. Kate and Meg knew that so they decided to bring Morocco to me!

This party was a mix of Moroccan flavors and decor mixed in with bright, airy, California vibes. Not one place more than the other, the mix of the two made for a totally chic party that is a wanderluster's dream!

Travel Lover's Bridal Shower Menu @saltandwind


That whole Morocco meets West Coast feeling was all over our menu too. To us, the best bridal shower menu is lots of small bites with all sorts of fresh seasonal flavors. And, since so many Bridal Showers are from Spring to Summer, we latched on to all our local seasonal flavors.

Here's the full menu but keep scrolling for a closer look:

Travel Lover's Bridal Shower Menu @saltandwind

Obviously, a few links in no way do these recipes justice so here's a play-by-play.


Moroccan Passionfruit Mint Iced Tea Recipe @saltandwind

Moroccan Passionfruit Mint Iced Tea

Like a twist on classic Southern Sweet Tea, this is a tart, spiced, sweet take on Moroccan Tea. Whereas classic Moroccan tea has tons of mint and some sugar, here we added in cinnamon, cardamom, and passionfruit for a sipper we'll drink all summer long!

How To DIY Champagne Bar @saltandwind

Never mind those bottled purees and syrups for Mimosas, we made the following syrups from scratch and then set them up on a bar so guests could add as little or as much as they'd like to their drinks:

Vanilla Bean & Plum Syrup || Apricot & Orange Blossom Syrup || Pineapple Hibiscus Syrup  


Watermelon Canapes Recipe @saltandwind

Easy Watermelon Canapés

These whipped feta, cucumber, and watermelon bites that Meg created are so crave-worthy we ate them all in minutes flat. They're super simple to make and would be as good for a nicer backyard barbecue as a shower!

Avocado Dukkah Deviled Eggs Recipe @saltandwind

Avocado Deviled Eggs with Dukkah  

In our friend group, it's well known that Kate is a genius when it comes to Deviled Eggs. And her genius move this time was to use avocado in place of mayo and to top it with dukkah, which, if you haven't had it is a totally fabulous spiced nut mix.

Gougeres Tea Sandwiches Recipe @saltandwind

If there's ever a time to pull out tea sandwiches, it's during a shower, don't you think? These are a twist on the classic made with tons of Moroccan flavors and, in place of boring old bread, we used airy cheese puffs known as Gougeres!

Asparagus and Potatoes With Harissa Dip Recipe @saltandwind

Spring Asparagus and New Potatoes with Harissa Goat Cheese Dip 

Harissa is our favorite spicy sauce from North Africa so Kate mixed it into this light, not-too-spicy dip that is the perfect pairing with crudites!

Papaya Prawn Skewers Recipe @saltandwind

Spicy Papaya Lime Shrimp Skewers 

These sweet, spicy shrimp skewers pretty much are going to become your new favorite way to make shrimp!


Strawberry Pistachio Meringue Recipe @saltandwind

Individual Pistachio Meringues

And to end a super dainty dessert. Meg made these airy but chewy meringues that were a total hit!


If you ask us, if there's a group of ladies and something to celebrate, bubbles are in order! For the occasion, we pulled out all the stops and made a Champagne Bar for guests to make their own twists on mimosas with a bunch of homemade syrups.

The gorgeous little bubble bar was marked off with a stunning watercolor menu that had all sorts of homemade syrups from Apricot and Orange Blossom to Pineapple Hibiscus to Vanilla Bean and Plum. Head over to This Mess Is Ours for a full-on step-by-step of how to make your own Champagne Bar. For now, here are a few peeks into it all.

How To DIY Champagne Bar @saltandwindHow To DIY Champagne Bar @saltandwindHow To DIY Champagne Bar @saltandwindHow To DIY Champagne Bar @saltandwind


Yes, every time we all get together for a Friends Who Fete celebration, we go all out on the decor. To start Meredith (you remember her altars from the past Friends Who Fete parties, yes?) made a showstopping floral wreath that we fell head over heels for! Our friends at Melissa's Produce not only gave us some gorgeous produce but also donated some gifts to our giveaway (scroll down for more info). Oh, and, here are a few of our favorite tabletop pieces from the party:

Meredith Ambruso Florals @saltandwind

This time, in addition to bringing all our own favorite finds, we teamed up with Jimmy and Moana of Hunted Fox design studio. They invited us into their gorgeous studio in Downtown Los Angeles and pulled out all the stops and thought of every last detail in the space and we had total design envy!

Here are a few of their goods from Hunted Fox, which you can buy for yourself or your bride-to-be friend::

Hunted Fox Black and White Lumbar PillowHunted Fox Mud Cloth OttomanHunted Fox Shibori Indigo Lumbar PillowHunted Fox Handmade Napkins


It's a bridal shower so gifts abound! That's why we decided to go all out and include a giveaway of fabulous bridal gifts (stand mixer! a Dutch oven! a gorgeous handmade pillow!) that anyone would love. Valued at over $1,000 we are giving all of these lovely items to one lucky winner. Head here for all the details on how to enter and good luck

LeCreuset Dutch Oven
KitchenAid Mini Stand Mixer
Melissa's Gift Baskets and Cookbooks 
Leafy Green Lumbar Pillow

Ultimate Bridal Shower Gift Giveaway @saltandwind

Ultimate Travel Lover's Bridal Shower Party @saltandwind

Need more party inspo? Check out the Friends Who Fete Instagram or find our other parties here! And, if you make some of the party recipes, use the #friendswhofete hashtag to share it with us!

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Photos by Salt & Wind and This Mess Is Ours

Florals by Meredith Ambruso; Produce provided by Melissa's Produce