The Home Design Trends We Love Right Now

We talk so often about where to go and explore that it may well seem we don't care much to be home. But, it couldn't be farther from the truth. The more we're away from home, the more we want to be home bodies and cozy up when we are home. Which is why home decor has become all the more important to us. We aim to make our home the most comfortable, ideal place so that it's restful, beautiful, and inspiring, even if we're not there all that often. 

Speaking of home decor, we went on a whirlwind home design tour of San Francisco with Zephyr and learned a thing or three about home design.

Black Is The New Stainless

We're Southern Californians through and through so most of the time we're all about light and bright but we couldn't be more behind the idea of putting black in the kitchen instead of stainless steel. Not only is is practical (hello, fewer smug marks!) but it also is really grounding. Even just a touch of black, like say this Okeanito hood would be just enough to modernize your whole space. 

Rose Gold 

Come into our offices and it's clear we jumped on the rose gold bandwagon from the start! Be it a candle holder, a cocktail shaker, or our block heel booties, rose gold has become our go-to because it's a chameleon or a neutral and can mix with stainless, silver, or gold accents without a hitch! 

Brushed Metallics

Speaking of metallics, we're all about using them but it can quickly become too much of a good thing. That's why we're all about brushed finishes over super shiny finishes when it comes to metallics. And we're seeing it everywhere from big appliances to more modern takes on the classic stand mixer!

Navy Is The New Neutral

When it comes to neutrals, we've long been fans of grey (just look at the Salt & Wind logo to see what we mean)! But we have to admit the idea of navy as a neutral totally speaks to us. It can instantly give a space a transporting feel say mixed with whites for Greecian vibes or paired with wainscotting for Nantucket feels or 100% navy with brushed metallic accents for a masculine decor that's not too too harsh. 

Green Greenery

Honestly, we weren't really into the idea of such a loud color like Greenery as the 2017 Pantone color of the year. But we've embraced it in our own way, adding a pop of green here and there. And instead of doing strictly greenery, we have gone back to vintage green colors and added touches to our home from these vintage canning jars to, our all-time favorite green in the kitchen, jadeite!

And Violet Verbena

PPG paints has their own thoughts about colors and has declared 2017 the year of Violet Verbena. It's a color we could totally embrace for a paint color say one just one wall in an otherwise white room or as an accent throw here or there. 

Minimal Geometric Fixtures

Truth be told we're totally partial toward this trend. Chalk it up to our love for airy and light spaces but we'll always prefer light fixtures that look more delicate than something more substantial. Add to it a geometric edge and the fixtures feel like the perfect balance of modern and masculine but still light and classic. Every time we go shopping we're finding a new fixture we like but we keep coming back to these geometric pendant lamps we first saw at Object store in Tijuana.

Zephyr Ventilation Hood Giveaway! 

Oh, and because we're all about beautifying your home to the max, we've paired up with Zephyr to do a giveaway or (1) venitlation hood of your choice —  head here for all the details!

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Opening photo by Trinette Reed

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