How To Make Your Own Cold Brew Coffee

Okay, yes, we're the first to admit: these National Food Days that takeover over social media are getting to be a little out of control. But if there is one we can get behind it's #NationalColdBrew coffee day, which as it so happens is today, April 20th! While it might not be full-on cold brew weather quite yet, we're so obsessed with coffee that we're always game for a cup. 

How To Brew A Perfect Cold Brew Coffee

If you haven't had Cold Brew, it's basically exactly what it sounds like: coffee that is steeped with cold water for a long amount of time. The result? Coffee that's way more flavorful than traditional iced coffee and without any of the bitterness. Our only issue with Cold Brew is that coffee shops charge an arm and a leg for it so it can quickly become a very expensive habit. 

How To Brew A Perfect Cold Brew Coffee

Well, our friends at KitchenAid have a super simple solution.Their just-released Cold Brew Coffee Maker is ridiculously easy to make and the result is cold brew that rivals the best your local coffee shop has to offer. The key is to use really good quality beans, well-filtered water, and to just wait! Head over to the KitchenAid blog where we're sharing all your need to know how to brew the perfect cup of Cold Brew!

How To Brew A Perfect Cold Brew Coffee

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