Five Favorite Pins: Road Trippin'

Memorial Day weekend is here at last. We've given you suggestions for firing up the grill, and now we've got one idea for what to do next: fire up your engine. Summer is officially here and that means the excuses to take a long weekend road trip are as plentiful as the scenic views along Highway 1.

Pack a bag, grab your girlfriends and take a map because you're not going to want to stare at your phone where we're going -- well, at least not until after you see this week's favorite road trip-inspired pins:

Favorite Pins - road trip - Memorial Day // Favorite Pins - snapshot - Memorial Day // Favorite Pins - Fremont Diner - Memorial Day // Favorite Pins - girls having fun - Memorial Day //

From top to bottom, this week's pins are:

  1. Map
  2. Girls Road Trip
  3. Say Cheese
  4. Fremont Diner
  5. Twirling Girls

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