Five Favorite Pins: Hat Tricks

What is it about toppings? We love a good cupcake topper; general nacho-philosophy is "the more the merrier;" and don't even get us started on all those gorgeous wedding cakes out there. These little hat tricks are responsible for a lot of joy and whimsy in the world (okay, maybe just the Pinterest world); so it's only natural that when there's a holiday that demands we top ourselves, we take it to the next level.

It's mentioned over and over again that the Kentucky Derby lasts only 2 minutes, and yet we are SO excited to put on these hats every year! Yes, it's like playing (very chic) dress-up, but love it or hate it, it feels like so much more. Whenever we add a topper to something, it's a statement: it's about making an entrance, a splash and a lasting impression. Here are some things that made an impression on us this week:

Favorite Pins - braid hair crown - Hat Tricks // Favorite Pins - head wrap - Hat Tricks // Favorite Pins - Audrey Hepburn - Hat Tricks // Favorite Pins - Chalk Crown - Hat Tricks //

From top to bottom, this week's pins are:

  1. Classic Mint Julep
  2. Messy Hair Crown
  3. Head Wrapped
  4. Audrey Hepburn
  5. Chalk Crown

Sources: (1. Loramore ; 2. Miss en Plis; 3. HonestlyWTF; 4. Salad-Eyes on Tumblr; 5. Andrika King on Pinterest)