Five Favorite Pins: Moody Musings

It always seems to happen this way, doesn't it? We get so excited about something that we can't get enough, and consume so much of a good thing that in the end, we want exactly the opposite. Like a craving for green juice after a weekend of burritos and beer. Of course the same thing would happen after Easter: we've been getting our fill of pastels! brights! spring things! and -- maybe it's because too many Peeps or jelly beans were eaten -- but the only cure seems to be dark. Moody. Yet it's still spring. So, what we want to know is: can we have it both ways? I think we can.

This week was exactly that - like stepping inside after a few hours on the beach, it felt like our eyes were readjusting to darker shades that were no less beautiful, or full of spring life. Our favorite pins this week showed a contrast that only made their soft subjects more striking.

Favorite Pins - makeup - dark // Favorite Pins - flowers cookies - dark // Favorite Pins - decor - dark // Favorite Pins - ingredients - moody //

From top to bottom, the five pins are:

  1. Chocolate Lavender Cake
  2. Spring Makeup
  3. Cookies and Blooms
  4. Hanging Planters
  5. Quiche Prep

(Sources: 1. Local Milk; 2. Anne Of Carversville; 3. Oh Joy; 4. Apartment Therapy; 5. Vegetarian Ventures)