Five Favorite Pins: Confetti

How awesome we're birthday parties when you were a kid? The balloons, the presents, the venues (roller rinks, anyone?) and the cakes - oh, the cakes! There were some really fantastic ones (like the multicolor Hello Kitty one Aida had for her 8th birthday) though, whatever no matter the design it usually wound up on my face or my party dress - let's chalk that up to accessorizing, shall we?

Maybe it's something lingering after Mardi Gras, but this week left us feeling really festive. We're not for the Mardi Gras combo of purple, yellow, and green, but another festive color-scheme is popping up everywhere: confetti. We've seen rainbows and patterns  dotting the worlds of food, fashion, and design. Some look delicious (Danish breakfast, lookin' at you); some are jaw-dropping (that Givenchy top); all shine too brightly to be hidden in the dark corners of Pinterest - so without further adieu, here are our five favorite pins of the week!

My Five Favorite Pins - Paris Fashion Week // #pairswellwithfood

My Five Favorite Pins - danish breakfast spread // #pairswellwithfood

My Five Favorite Pins - glass jar collection // #pairswellwithfood

My Five Favorite Pins - Marimekko scarf // #pairswellwithfood

From top to bottom, the pins are:

  1. DIY Confetti Balloons
  2. Givenchy top, from Paris Fashion Week
  3. A breakfast spread, full of Danish staples
  4. Illuminated colored glass bottle collection
  5. Printed scarf, from Marimekko

And one more, because I just couldn't resist: every great party needs an equally great venue! This one is just bursting with colorful inspiration.

My Five Favorite Pins - Nashville Apartment // #pairswellwithfood

(Nashville apartment/studio/event space)

I love these pins because they get that balance of fun and sophistication just right, letting you have your funfetti cake and eat it, too. I think my 8-year old self is nodding her enthusiastic approval.

(Source credits go to:  1. Studio DIY; 2. FabSugar; 3. HonestlyYUM; 4. Design Sponge; 5. Marimekko, via DesignLoveFest; 6. CasaSugar on PopSugar)