Five Favorite Pins: Winter Wonderland

We've been sitting out west for months in hot weather, pitying our snow-covered neighbors to the east as we bask in the sun. Out here we desperately need the rain and we envy the ability to rock ultra-cozy cold layers, so, hello, storms! You've come at last and instead of rejecting you, we're embracing the chance to hunker down, catch up on some work and, best of all, indulge in my favorite cozy comforts.

Aida made a big batch of her mom's lasagna, snuggled up with some boozy cinnamon hot chocolate, and we noticed that all our recent favorite pins on Pinterest shared this homey feeling. This week reminded us that the best parts of winter need a proper salute before we say goodbye. Below, our five favorite pins of the week:

Peanut Butter Fudge // #pairswellwithfood

Caldo Tlalpeno Soup // #pairswellwithfood

Boho Chic Couch // #pairswellwithfood

hot chocolate

The pins, in order from top to bottom:

1. A beachy-yet-cozy Marilyn Monroe

2. Peanut Butter Fudge

3. Caldo Tlalpeno Soup

4. Boho Chic Couch

5. Hot Chocolate with Toasted Marshmallow Cream

What were some of your favorite pins this week?

(Source credits: 1. George Barris - photographer; 2. Dust Jacket; 3. The Year In Food; 4. Anthology Magazine; 5. How Sweet Eats)