Five Favorite Pins: Tailgating

We gotta say: we're suckers for some good Sunday Funday football. Whether you reign your fantasy football league or you don't know what a fumble is, we're sure there's one thing we can all cheer for: a great tailgate. And, now more than ever, 'tis the season to tailgate -- because when you get friends together and add some food and a little friendly competition, it's a winning combination. To us, tailgating is a state of mind — no parking lot or gameday ticket needed to play.

So, make some make-shift pennants, stock up on six-packs, and pull out all the flannel you own. Invite over your most enthusiastic friends, and make sure you're wearing your sneaks, in the happy event a touch football game breaks out among the ranks. Grab a little inspiration from our favorite pins this week and get in the game!

Favorite Pins – Tailgate – Trunk // Favorite Pins – Tailgate – football // Favorite Pins – Tailgate – Food52 Flannel // Favorite Pins – Tailgate – Football-styled mason jars with cold brew coffee // Favorite Pins – Tailgate – Varsity jacket //

From top to bottom, this week's favorite pins are:

  1. Tailgating trunk
  2. Football season
  3. Essential flannel
  4. Mason jars
  5. Varsity

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