Five Favorite Pins: Labor Day White

You guys, before we get down to partying this weekend, we need bring up something first: who made the rule about "no white after Labor Day"?

You guys. This rule is so not doing it for us. Whoever first made that declaration clearly did not live in California; nor did they understand the power of white skinny jeans. White is a color, not a season, and really, how can you stop with all the white after seeing this week's five favorite pins?

So here's what we're thinking: use the excuse to throw an amazing, all-white themed party to send off summer in style. Then go ahead and break the "rules" by wearing your white skinnies and sneaks on Tuesday, September 2, and every day after that—we're pretty sure they'd compliment a pumpkin spice latte, too.

Favorite Pins – Labor Day White – White paper lanterns //

Favorite Pins – Labor Day White – White bikini //

Favorite Pins – Labor Day White – White flowers and vases //

Favorite Pins – Labor Day White – White coconut cake //

Favorite Pins – Labor Day White – White party bunting //

From top to bottom, this week's pin's are:

  1. Paper lanterns
  2. Boys & Arrows Kiki Bikini
  3. Blossoms
  4. Raspberry White Cake
  5. White party bunting

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