Five Favorite Pins: Colorado-cation

Inspired by Aida's latest travel adventure, we're picking pins that bring to mind the spirit and soul of that square(ish) state that's anything "but": Colorado. With the bounty of craft breweries and distilleries, artisan foodcrafters, and lush, beautiful scenery, this place is a haven for outdoorsy-types, foodies, photographers, or really everyone looking to get a little lost in Mother Nature.

The lifestyle it represents is also perfect fodder for many a wanderlust-tinged Pinterest board:

Favorite Pins – Colorado – Vintage poster //

Favorite Pins – Colorado – Hiker //

Favorite Pins – Colorado – Rustic Home Details //

Favorite Pins – Colorado – Denver Brewing Co //

Favorite Pins – Colorado – Summer Berry Pavlova //

From top to bottom, this week's pins are:

  1. Travel Poster
  2. Hiking the Mountains
  3. Textiles & Accents
  4. Denver Beer Co.
  5. Summer Berry Pavlova from Colorado-based blogger, Happyolks

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