Five Favorite Pins: Fourth of July

Do you feel as if the air is a little more electric lately? It might have something to do with the upcoming holiday, the most American of all days, the Fourth of July! Now, normally in this column we share pins that inspire us, but this week we want to inspire you: we have in mind the ultimate July 4th celebration, and in preparation, we've put together a short list of must-haves that will take your party high and above the rest. 

You don't need to go crazy—covering every inch of your home and yourself in red, white and blue—to plan the perfect Fourth of July party. Just adding a few small details here and there can take it from an everyday BBQ to a celebration that's worthy of the day! Here's what we recommend:

Favorite Pins - Fourth of July - American Pie // #pairswellwith food

Favorite Pins - Fourth of July - USA Sparklers // #pairswellwith food

Favorite Pins - Fourth of July - Red White and Blue Converse Sneakers // #pairswellwith food

Favorite Pins - Fourth of July - Red White and Blue Drinks Straws // #pairswellwith food

Favorite Pins - Fourth of July - Star Spangled Banner DIY // #pairswellwith food

  1. American Pie - Talk about a statement pie: whether it's apple, blueberry, or anything in-between, yours will be sure to please with a crust like this. We've seen every cutout incarnation under the sun—from traditional latticework to stars to a bust of George Washington—but nothing comes close to this simple, chic design. 
  2. Sparklers - Let's be honest: the Fourth of July is the one day of the year when you can live out your Pinterest-worthy sparkler dreams, no questions asked. Make sure you stock up!
  3. Flag-painted Converse - Wrapping yourself in head-to-toe Americana can move from loyal citizen to royal mess pretty fast, but customized Chucks? You'll be stepping out as the effortlessly cool Patriot-next door and walking that fine line with ease.
  4. Patriotic Drinks - A quick and easy way to both keep to the color-code and add a dash of whimsy to your party? Make a big batch of your favorite summer drink, add a fun straw, make sure both are color-coordinated with Old Glory and you're all set. Also? Officially declaring the soda pop bottle the new mason jar this summer. (Hint: use a funnel to pre-pour portions for your guests.)
  5. Star Spangled Banner - If you can't resist the urge to craft, give this DIY from The House That Lars Built a try: it's a charming take on your typical banner, and we're loving how it feels simultaneously vintage and modern.

Celebrate our independence this year with a big bang (and a little effort)! Happy Fourth, everyone! Sources: (1. Country Living; 2. Improve Photography; 3. Free People Blog; 4. RubyJu on Flickr; 5. The House That Lars Built)