Off Menu: Copenhagen Episode

Copenhagen had long been on my list to visit. There's no doubt the city has gotten everyone's attention in the last few years seeing as it's the birthplace of the New Nordic cuisine movement. Locals will confess that Copenhagen’s food scene has really only hit its stride in the last decade. But, walking around, you wouldn’t know otherwise. The city’s Meatpacking district has local breweries and meat-focused restaurants. There’s classic quick food like Smorrebrod and Polse Dogs (their local version of hot dogs) but also a whole street food scene that’s come into its own. 

And one of the people who has made that happen is Dan Husted. He used to own restaurants and wine bars with his brother but shifted gears a few years ago to open Copenhagen Street Food (a handful of food stalls out across the bay from the old town on Paper Island). 

So, when we headed to Copenhagen for this episode of Off Menu and Dan was my guide, well, I was confident I’d get a good look into the local scene. We had seasonal cocktails and, dare I say healthy(ish), pizzas made with the thinnest, crispest, almost cracker-like crust at Neighborhood Organice Food and Cocktails. Everyone’s all about New Nordic cuisine when it comes to high end food but we headed to Restaurant Kul where Chef TK is cooking everything over coals with a refinement that’s Michelin worthy. And, of course, we headed to Paper Island for a taste of the food stalls and the city’s classic street foods polse dogs and smørrebrød at Copenhagen Street Food.

Speaking of Smørrebrød, one of the best ones I had was at Copenhagen Street Food where they served me a {Kartoffelmad Smørrebrød} (an open-faced sandwich with crème fraiche and sliced potatoes) so I recreated it here.

Opening photo by Zocky Djekic