Podcasts That’ll Help To Banish Anxiety

Whether you’re trotting the globe or just traveling across town, it’s easy to become caught in the fray. Just the thought of booking hotels, navigating the unknown, or acclimating to a new time zone can be exhausting. But the biggest challenge? Remembering to take a breather.

Sure, we may be on vacation, but most of us don’t hop a plane to Spain to do pilates or guided meditations. No, we want to do a nonstop tapas crawl or stay up till dawn dancing and eating churros. But what good is a trip if you don't take time to absorb it all? We listen to podcasts when we travel because they’re easy to switch on during a layover, taxi ride, or even when you’re having trouble falling asleep. These five podcasts help make us more mindful when we're on the go: 


Me time…it’s hard to remember why that matters when you’re missioning through Greece to try all the keftedes. Enter the OneMind Mediation Podcast — they remind you to connect with yourself and, even more importantly, how. 


Well-Aware finds importance in living well and consuming consciously. It’s pretty standard for hotel rooms to have a master switch that turns everything off when you take your key out and leave the room. It's an easy way to be a little bit more energy conscious. But, when you return home it’s easy to forget the importance of turning the lights off or shutting your fans down in order to be more environmentally conscious. That’s why Well-Aware is so helpful – they remind you why and how to live a more earth friendly lifestyle.


In a perfect world, we'd always travel with purpose: to reinvent ourselves or to achieve our travel dreams — like, seeing the Coliseum, diving the Galapagos, or hiking the Pacific Crest Trail. Zero to Travel helps you get out and do because there’s nothing more frustrating than wanting to take the adventure leap but having zero clue where to start. So, next time you’re dying to hit up South Africa but need a little nudge, check out this podcast.


If you feel like your energy is dwindling every time you look at your Facebook album—Marrakech ’14One Part Podcast can help. It'll help finding your way to health, self-confidence, and contentment. And, you don’t just have to be traveling to a new city to live life in color—they have tips for everyday life from how to make a quick and mega nutritious lunch to creating an environment rich with meaning. 


We can’t get enough of Deep Energy 2.0 – Music for Sleep, Meditation, Relaxation, Massage and Yoga—these 60-minute podcasts are total bliss. Traveling, whether abroad or domestic, can be exhausting. Even on the smoothest trip, your adrenaline gets pumping, and it can be impossible to unwind, which is why a little help calming down the mind and body can go a long way. 

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