My 9 Step (Almost) No-Fail Plan To Fight Jet Lag

If you follow me on Insta, then you know that the last 10 days I've been busy exploring Israel and it was nothing short of incredible. But what wasn't incredible? That I got the gnarliest jet lag I've ever ever had. And it was 100% my fault because I broke the jet lag code we established at Salt & Wind.

I'm talking not sleeping for the first 3 nights of my trip, feeling totally delirious, and pretty much in a daze. Here are all the things I didn't do but that normally help me (almost) always get over jet lag. 


Truth is, I use essential oils for a lot of things — immuntiy boosting — and though I'm not 100% sure they always work, I can say that lavender essential oil helps me tremendously with jet lag. Whether I'm trying to get to sleep on the plane or the first few nights in a new place, I just put a few drops on my hands, a scarf, or my pillow and then just breathe in until I feel relaxed and sleepy. And it has the added benefit of being a motion sickness aid so it can help you fight turbulence. 


Sometimes essential oil alone doesn't do the trick so I turn to pills. A lot of people swear by sleeping pills but I try not to touch them (unless it's a mild dose of melatonin). Instead, I swear by No-Jet Lag homeopathic pills. Yes, it could be 100% psychosomatic, but I know that everytime I've taken them, I've been jet lag free.


I always get on the flight, calculate when I should sleep to be on local time and plan everything around that (even if that means I sleep through meal time).  


Speaking of meals, I also swear that eating on the new time zones meal times helps massively. A lot of times I'm not hungry then so I just snack on something small to get acclimated. 


Back when I lived in Europe and would hop back and forth between continents like a ping pong ball, I had no problem drinking on flights. Now I've limited alcohol to one glass during my travel day and have made chugging water my main M.O. 


That said, the first few nights I arrive, I have found that having a nightcap can help me go to bed so long as it's not so much that it ends up having reverse effect and keeping me up all night.  


Depending on when you arrive at your destination, it can be a few hours or half a day that you need to stay awake. I've found that a teeny tiny power nap works wonders. In fact, my favorite thing is to do a coffee nap and then I'm good to go for hours. 


When I'm not power napping, I'm all about walking those first few days. They say to work out but I can't usually muster much more than some walking when I'm deliriously jet lagged. Also, walking around has the added bonus of helping you get your bearings if you've landed in a new city.


In the last few months, I've become a major fan of meditation for everything from better concentration to stress reduction and, more recently, jet lag. If you need some help getting started, check out apps like Headspace.

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Photo by Alita Ong