Celebrating Winter Celebrations

We’re always fans of any and every reason for a celebration, but here we are: in that shoulder season between the holidays when there’s not a ton to celebrate. Of course, we’re not going to let that stop us so we say gather your friends and just celebrate celebrations.

For the occasion, we’re teaming up with Hangar 1® Vodka to help kickoff Vodka Picking Season. With the launch of the new year, the team at Hangar 1 has a lot of news and lots to announcements to come. The whole idea of Vodka Picking Season is to highlight quality and fresh-picked ingredients, two things we can always get behind.

What we love about this time of year is that, even in the dead of winter, we have all sorts of fresh, local ingredients here in California. January in the Golden State means that citrus season is in full swing with everything from blood oranges and kumquats to Meyer lemons and ruby red grapefruit. And at our local farmers market there’s also lots of stellar greens.

@saltandwind Recipe | Sparkling Sage Grapefruit Brunch Cocktail

For our Vodka Picking Season celebration, we decided to combine some seasonal citrus and herbs for a modern twist on the classic vodka cocktail, the Greyhound. As you’d expect, this drink has a base of freshly-squeezed ruby red grapefruit juice and vodka, but then we’ve added a dash of elderflower liqueur, a few fresh sage leaves, and topped it off with some bubbly.

@saltandwind recipe | Sparkling Sage Grapefruit Brunch Cocktail

We served this Sparkling Sage Grapefruit Cocktail at our first brunch of the year and itwas the star of the show. Mostly because it’s just as enjoyable sipped on its own as it is paired with our favorite brunch staples.

@saltandwind Recipe | Sparkling Sage Grapefruit Brunch Cocktail

So, gather your friends and celebrate the new year and everything fresh. Cheers!

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