Off Menu: Amsterdam Episode

Tell me I’m not alone when it comes to Amsterdam. It’s a total travel gem, don’t you think? There’s chic design, great people, and it’s so easy to get around. The one thing I always felt was missing was the food, that is until we filmed Off Menu there.

I’d had great stroopwafel, soused herring, and other local specialties, but not much beyond that. Well, filming this latest episode of #OffMenu (the first of our second season that all takes place in Europe, btw) changed all that. We headed to Amsterdam with Cecliy Layzell as our host and I came out totally impressed by Amsterdam’s food.

We had comfort food (sausage and kraut around those parts) elevated at Worst Wijncafe, amazing herring at the bustling Vishandel Molenaar fish counter, stroopwafel at the Albert Cuyp Market, and haute cuisine by an up-and-coming chef at Restaurant Johannes.

One of the dishes I felt best represented the scene was this Mushroom Toast with Parsley Salad at Worst Wijncafe, so, I did my best to recreate it for you and, well, you’re welcome.

Opening photo of Amsterdam by Aleksandra Jankovic