Off Menu: New York Episode

New York has always been like a second home to me, from when I'd spend my summers there in college to living there during filming at Food Network, and it's a city that's always spoken to me. The energy, the creativity, the drive, I just completely relate. And that translates into their food scene, which is always changing and striving for better and more. For this week's episode of #OffMenu we headed to New York City and met up with Liza De Guia of Food. Curated.

Liza showed us around her New York from Manhattan to Greenpoint starting with donuts at Fany Gerson's Dough, pizza with the always entertaining Paulie and Paulie Gee's and then lesser-known beers and new Nordic cuisine and the hidden gem that is Luksus

You can't really talk about New York without bringing up pizza so this week's recipe inspired by the show is my take on the Monte Cristo pizza at Paulie Gee's. 

Opening photo by Giorgio Fochesato