Off Menu: Washington DC Episode

Ever since I'd visit my sister there during college, I've loved DC; but the food scene wasn't much more than steak houses and wood-paneled bars until a few years ago. And in that time the local food culture has exploded, which is why it was no question that we'd go there for #OffMenu. The voice behing the popular site, Girl Meets Food, Mary Kong DeVito showed us around her town from dive spots to hot spots and everything in between.   

We started the day over in the Union Market neighborhood with gelato (because when you can have gelato for breakfast, you should) at the local darling, Dolcezza Gelato factory. Next we headed to little Ethiopia for, well, Ethiopian food at Zenebech and ended the day with jamon and sherry at the thimble-sized bar, Mockingbird Hill.

And, because I couldn't get enough of the tapas at Mockingbird Hill, I made my take on their version of the classic Spanish Tomato Bread known as Pan Con Tomate. It may not be classic DC food but it sure is modern DC food. 

Opening photo by Giorgio Fochesato