15 Drinks To Keep You Cool When It's Triple Digits

If your neck of the woods is unbearably hot, we feel you. Triple digits can get miserable if you don’t have a plan to beat the heat.

If you're cooling off in the pool, under the air conditioning, or just standing in your unmentionables with the freezer door open, we've rounded up a collection of drinks that will make the dog days of summer way more doable. 


Whether from a roadside stand or your favorite cafe, lemonade (and limeade) are summer in a glass. Here are our favorite picks for these classic coolers:

Watermelon Blackberry Lemonade  Salt & Wind

This time of year, rosemary and blackberries grow like weeds, but we welcome it because there isn’t a drink that these two can’t make better. Stir them up with some little watermelon lemonade and we say, "we'll take two, thank kindly."

Blueberry Lavender Lemonade  from Serious Eats

As if the vibrant purple color of this cooler isn't enough, the sprig of lavender and blueberries will make you feel like you're drinking liquid heaven. 

Jalapeno Strawberry Lemonade  from Food Network 

There is something truly perfect about spicy and sweet and, it may just be in our minds, but we swear it helps us feel cooler. 

Honey Ginger Lemonade  from Salt & Wind

We are self-proclaimed ginger-holics. If you feel the same, then this Sparkling Honey Ginger Lemonade is for you. It's sweet, sour, and has a kick of spice from all that ginger — it might sound a bit extreme, but so is the heat.

Raspberry Limeade  from Eating Well

Raspberries plus limes and plenty of ice equals refreshment in a cup. If you feel like you need even more help cooling down, try blending this drink and serving it as a slushy. 


Some love Iced Tea, others hate it, but no one can argue that these drinks are anything short of fantastic. 

Hawaiian Plantation Iced Tea  from Salt and Wind

One sip and this will transport you to the tropics. It's true cinnamon and pineapple may seem like an odd combo but it tastes like a drinkable pineapple upside down cake. Which means we are so down with everything in this cup.

Thai Iced Tea — from The Kitchn

True, Thai tea is traditionally sweet tea made with condensed milk but we like to make ours with coconut milk. If that’s still too tame for you, add a scoop of coconut ice cream. Because, to us, there’s no such thing as too much coconut.

Rhubarb Iced Tea  from Not Without Salt

This tea seriously has it all — tart, sweet, and a beautiful pink color that just screams summer.

Matcha Mint Tea — from Love & Lemons

Matcha has been having a major moment as of late but we're anti using it in baked goods but very much pro using it in Iced Tea. Especially when mint is involved. Because Matcha and mint are like that cute couple that everyone says they can’t stand but secretly love. 

Apple Rose Tea - from Brit & Co.

If you're over summer and can't wait for Fall, then this Apple-flavored tea is likely more your speed. With all the subtleties of apple and rose, this drink is fit for a queen. Sipping with a crown and upon throne is optional, of course. 


You didn't think we'd keep it all PG rated did you? Because there's nothing like beating the heat with a little liquid courage. These are the drinks we'll be making until school starts so we feel like we're on an island!

Mint Coconut Batida Mojito — Salt & Wind

This is our take on a Brazilian favorite, the Batida — it's almost like a Mojito but made with the cane liqueur Cachaca, coconut, and tons of mint. Take some of this to the pool or the beach and you’ll feel right at home.

The Hemingway Daiquiri  from Food & Wine

Simplicity and elegance is all one can ask for in a drink, right? Feel free to sip this while writing your next novel or just watching movies while cooling off on the couch.

Watermelon Daiquiri — from Food52

Strawberry daiquiris are pretty dang close to perfect, but we'll take watermelon during summer, thank you very much.

Pineapple Mint Mojito — from Bon Appetit

Pineapple has become our summer fruit to experiment with, it’s great in food and in drinks, and, FYI it's a great natural exfoliator. But we digress. Bottom line is pineapple plus mint equals cool-ness on the horizon.

Blood Orange Mojito — from Williams Sonoma

We keep thinking of a way to improve this beverage and it’s just not possible. You can choose to fresh squeeze some blood oranges, use blood orange cocktail, or even sparkling blood orange soda. There isn’t a way to make blood orange taste bad. We are convinced it’s a miracle fruit.

Opening photo by Vian Mateo