Sips and Lips: Wine-Colored Lipsticks (And What To Drink Them With)!

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You may have noticed that wine-colored lips are having a moment.

As in, every girl we know is wearing them right now. And, because we love beauty as much as we do wine, Julie thought we’d pair our favorite wine lip colors with the wines they inspire so you can pair your lip with a sip.

The inspiration for matching beauty and wine comes from pretty sessions with my dear friend, Ricki Lake. We’ve worked together for years, and, some evenings while blending and blushing, we uncork a bottle. When we started out, our standard sip was a bottle of Joel Gott — being single and silly we coined Joel Gott our boyfriend.

Why wine and lipstick? They both make us glamorous and confident whether we’re running around town or hosting a party.